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TT – Closer to the Edge (2011)
Directed by Richard De Aragues
Narrated by Jared Leto

If you’ve never riden a motorcycle you’re eyelids will be torn right open with TT: Closer to the Edge, as it gives you a behind the scenes look at the world’s most famous, not to mention notorious, annual motorcycle road race – The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy.

The camera crew follow 28 year old British rider Guy Martin, a man known for his sideburns, his love for cups of tea and his determination to win a TT race. Unfortunately for Guy, the likes of John McGuiness, currently 19 times TT champion, Ian Hutchinson, Conor Cummins, Cameron Donald, Bruce Anstey and William and Michael Dunlop, the nephews of TT champ Joey Dunlop, are up against him. It’s a tough race without the competition from the other riders, but Guy is always up to the challenge.

Unlike MotoGP, the bikes that are used in the TT are as near to standard retail motorcycles as you can get, using Yamaha R6’s and Honda Fireblades. It’s not just motorcycles though, as bike and sidecars race in the TT too, but as history has shown, neither are safe from accidents on the island.

Since the start of the TT in 1907, 237 riders have been died from racing in the TT, with many crowd members also succumbing to fatalities. The Snaefell Mountain Course is fast and twisty and includes bends such as Ballagarey, known as Ballascary, that has seen accidents and claimed lives. When the riders are racing at speeds up to 180mph around public roads, albeit closed off, you know this is a different sort of race to the ones you see on a Sunday afternoon of MotoGP, held at race circuits around the world.

TT: Closer to the Edge documents the racers, Guy in particular, throughout the week of racing, right up to the final and most important senior race. There are many interviews with the different riders, each of who will push their bike and themselves to the absolute limit in order to win a race. Road racing is not for everyone and only the skilled elite can compete with the lightening fast riders we see returning each year.

A must-watch for all motorcycle fans and an enjoyable insight for everyone else.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  1. Much like the fantastic Senna, this film drew me in to a sport I rarely watched and knew little about. However, after watching it on release it gave me such an interest that I now watch the TT highlights on TV and subscribed to the official Twitter feed.

    Guy Martin is a unique individual to say the least. Some of his comments are 24 carat gold.

    My heart was in my mouth several times when watching the action.

  2. This is a fantastic, wee film. I’d never claim to be a fan of TT but I was gripped from start to finish. A must see and gets the adrenaline pumpin.

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