HER HEART STILL BEATS – A Short Film by Christopher Di Nunzio

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Written, directed, edited and produced by Christopher Di Nunzio

When Ed’s wife comes home early from work one day he becomes overtaken by a strange feeling when he looks into her eyes. Disturbed or possibly just paranoid, Ed becomes possessed with his wife’s eyes and struggles to understand these feelings. Is she evil or is he insane? They may not have enough time to find out.

Based on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart, director Christopher Di Nunzio has taken the short story and moulded it into a modern creation that works pretty well. In the opening sequence, Ed is sat down in the back of a car, recounting his reasoning behind the murder. The character actually recites the words used by Poe himself in The Tell-Tale Heart, creating a nice blend of old literature with a modern filmmaking twist.

Christopher Di Nunzio certainly knows how to shoot an interesting movie as he graciously captures little details around the home and outdoors, from both popular and obscure angles. Her Heart Still Beats is a visually pleasing film and the shots remain steady throughout without a hint of the dreaded shaky cam.

Leighsa Burgin puts in a decent, likeable performance as Ed’s wife, Sarah, who comes home from work feeling terribly ill. After getting an eyelash in her eye, she asks Ed to have a look and is stunned when Ed suddenly goes bezerk at the pure sight of it. Unfortunately, Fiore Leo who plays lead character Ed is a bit monotonous in his acting, either going over the top with his performance or delivering his lines on an unnatural singular level. This leads to awkward exchanges between the husband and wife characters as the two aren’t on the same level and provide an unconvincing marriage. Other cast members, who star as the police and the old man in the woods, perform their parts adequately and with a complete capable cast, this film would have accurately displayed the tension and confusion as told in Poe’s story.

Di Nunzio has proven he can make an interesting piece of film and coupled with the right actors, he’ll definitely continue to flourish.

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