Watch Garrett DeHart’s Animated Short Film IF I AM YOUR MIRROR Inspired By Poe’s THE TELL-TALE HEART


Director Garrett DeHart has made available his 18 minute short animated film, IF I AM YOUR MIRROR, on YouTube.

“If I Am Your Mirror” is inspired by romantic painting and Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell Tale Heart. In a post-Civil War jail, a psychologically scarred veteran (Larry Holden of Batman Begins, Memento), awaits his death by hanging at dawn. Mourning the death of his wife and struggling with post-traumatic nightmares, he seeks revenge on the mysterious street preacher with an evil eye. Trapped between madness and a reality that is insane, he recollects what led him to the gallows.

“If I Am Your Mirror” is Garrett DeHart’s graduate thesis film. He the actors in a chromakey studio and developed an animation technique to simulate an animated oil painting. He did all the post production himself over a two year period. The film was produced with a budget under $5000. He has forgone the festival circuit to release the film for free online in the hopes of getting out to as large an audience as possible, and to develop working professional relationships.


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