TUS GRITOS ME DAN RISA – A Short Film By Sergio Morcillo

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Tus Gritos Me Dan Risa
Spanish language short film

After sitting through Sergio Morcillo’s short film, Tus Gritos Me Dan Risa, it’s not hard to understand why some people have a complex when it comes to clowns.

A teenager named Patricia (Zida Marin) is driving home, listening to a news report on the radio regarding a mysterious fire at a laboratory. Whilst driving along, she comes across a stranger stood in the middle of the road, who’s car has broken down, but instead of stopping, she swerves past him. Now, I’d normally be saying what a jerk this girl is, but if you take one look at this guy, you’d know that stopping would not be a good idea, although driving on isn’t either.

Returning home, Patricia settles down for the evening after being pranked by her younger brother, Dani (Nacho Martinez). Whilst playing around in the lounge, something suddenly catches Dani’s eye outside. Waving at him is a psychotic-looking clown, dressed in a white lab coat. Frozen in fear, Dani tells the rest of his family what he’s seen, but they refuse to believe nor entertain him, believing it to be another of his pranks. It’s only after there’s a knock at the door that family start to believe in murderous, bloodthirsty clowns as the crazed, smiling ‘entertainer’ enters their home.

Tus Gritos Me Dan Risa portrays a typical household, and besides from the daughter being a moody adolescent, the family seems a rather happy one. It would seem Patricia’s actions, or rather being at the wrong place at the wrong time, have caused her to be plagued by the mysterious clown man. But as we soon find out, this frightening clown is not particularly human…

What really stands out about Sergio Morcillo’s short film is the terrific grisly FX and make-up. One minute the short film emits a warm and calm family atmosphere, the next it’s a blood-splattered nightmare with flesh torn from the victim’s throat like a vicious dog attack as the clown calmly spits out the chunk of flesh from his hungry jaws. Such violence from a ‘smiley’ face makes the actions on-screen that much more brutal. A family clown this guy ain’t.

What you think is a run of the mill ‘bad guy attacks family’ film actually turns into something more, blending two horror genres together and creating a delightful, blood-soaked survival horror that will make any horror fan smile. It just so happens that the film’s title translates into English as ‘You’re Screams Make Me Laugh’, and whilst it may not exactly be a laughing matter for the victims in the film nor the viewer, it certainly hits the right notes for horror hounds.

Outrageous and gory at times but loads of fun, Tus Gritos Me Dan Risa is reminiscent of a gruesome [REC], meets the home invasion of Inside and the frightening clown of IT.

Tus Gritos Me Dan Risa is available to purchase with English subtitles from terrorclub@hotmail.es for 7.95 Euros.

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