Crestfallen (2011) – A short film by Jeremiah Kipp

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Jeremiah Kipp delivers another visually stunning feature with this sombre short film focussing on a suicidal young mother (a fetching and very curvy Deneen Melody) reflecting on her life as she lies dying in a bathtub. As with Drool (2011) there is no dialogue and the lighting and soundtrack is expertly handled as it switches back and forth from past to present. Special note should be given to the fact that the haunting but beautiful score was devised by Harry Manfredini who also orchestrated the music for Friday the 13th.

The story begins with the female protagonist stepping into a large bathtub with a kitchen knife in her hand. She slices open her wrist and lies back in the water to await her fate. We then discover her reasons for attempting to take her life. This includes the horror of discovering her husband (Michael Partipilo) cavorting in their bed with a family friend and her daughter being cruelly taken away from her.

Perhaps Crestfallen is not as memorable and striking as Drool but it is an equally impressive piece of work. Melody does well in a demanding role that she performs with subtlety and grace. The frenetic editing is blended with emotionally charged sequences of the wife and daughter interacting with each other in addition to the heartbreaking interchanges between the troubled couple.

Jeremiah Steel’s career up until now would appear to have consisted of assistant directorial duties but there is more than enough evidence in both Crestfallen and Drool to suggest that he has more than enough style and talent to create something quite extraordinary should he undertake a full length project.

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