Drool (2011) – A short film by Jeremiah Kipp

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Running Time: 4 minutes

Reviewer: David Gillespie – Official HCF Artist

For those expecting the 2009 thriller/ comedy starring Laura Harring or the hilariously depraved Australian short made in 2001, featuring a pervert salivating over a sleeping woman in a train, then please think again. Drool (2011) is an experimental, short film released by Slick Devil Entertainment and created by director, Jeremiah Kipp. It features two attractive and very slimy people/ beings that are embroiled in some form of sexual practice or power struggle. Kipp left the meaning of his feature ambiguous having undertaken the short with the support of his friends from Mandragoras Art Space and admitting an interest in household condiments?

Shot entirely in black and white and featuring a eerie but hypnotic synthesizer influenced soundtrack, the film begins with a naked man lying in a white tiled floor covered from head to toe in some form of slimy gloop. A shorthaired female sits opposite him in a tight black dress and watches his movements. She is also covered in this substance. She walks around him and begins to omit more of the goo from her mouth and rubs it over his body. He appears to be in pain, ecstasy or both. Soon the couple are grappling each other in the ooze and he begins to tear off her black dress. After he repeats the act of coughing up the slime onto her body, he stands on his feet and leaves her. It appears she is now in the same state of collapse as he was at the beginning of the feature.

Kipp’s short film would appear to be a statement on sexual dynamics or power. The woman appears to be the dominant force until she is used and abandoned by the male protagonist. Perhaps it is an attack on the way men treat women or even a visual and sensual celebration of the male and female body? Whatever conclusions are made regards the meaning of the images onscreen, is a technically brilliant piece of art and touching rather than sinister in the feelings that it omits.

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