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To celebrate the UK cinema release of silat martial arts action film THE RAID 2 on 11th April, we’ve five kick-ass merchandise bundles to give away to our readers, which includes a The Raid 2 Hammer bottle opener, character trading cards, Manga Oyster card holder, T-Shirt and iPhone 5S back case.

Breaking out of the tower block and into Jakarta’s criminal underworld, and featuring some of the most breath-taking and bone-crunching fight scenes ever committed to film, THE RAID 2, released in the UK & Ireland on 11 April, is set to be the must-see action film of 2014.

He thought it was over. After fighting his way through a seemingly impenetrable building filled with gangsters and madmen, rookie Jakarta cop Rama (Iko Uwais) thought his mission was done and he could live a normal life. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

His brutal and bloody victory has attracted the attention of the top level underworld kingpins. With his family now in danger, Rama has only one choice to protect them: he must go undercover, infiltrate the criminal organisation that runs the city and work his way to the top until he reaches the corrupt politicians, police and gang bosses who secretly pull the strings.

So Rama begins a new odyssey of violence, taking on the new identity of a vicious thug and entering prison in order to win the trust of the incarcerated son of a prominent crime lord to join the gang himself and take them down once and for all.

THE RAID 2 is directed by Gareth Evans who follows up his original smash hit The Raid, expanding the mythology of Rama’s world, increasing the level and complexity of fight choreography and introducing us to a glorious new gallery of villains, from crime lords Bangun and Goto, and mysterious assassin Prakoso, to the iconic Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man.

For your chance to win a THE RAID 2 merchandise bundle, simply comment below telling us your all-time favourite martial arts film and why you love it so much.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Friday 25th April 2014 and five valid comments will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• One entry per household
• There is no cash or other alternative to the prize stated and the prize is not transferable and no part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
• 5 winners will win 1x The Raid 2 merchandise bundle
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.

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  1. it simply has to be the original Raid, such a complete game changer and the fact I saw it again but called Dredd and it was still as good says it all, counting down the days till I see the Raid 2

  2. For me it has to be Project A (1983). Jackie Chan breaking free of the Bruce Lee mold and honing his own style. Saw it over Christmas on Channel 4 in the early 90s and turned me into an instant fan. It helped that they showed Police Story the next night! 🙂

  3. The original Raid movie, simply for Mad Dog’s two on one fight and death scene! The most awesome scene ever.

  4. I’ll go with Enter the Dragon but depends on my mood. I think I love it because it really got me in to the genre

  5. Ip Man! Beautifully choreographed and the fact it was based on a true story makes it even more of a masterpiece! Highly recommended!

  6. Ong Bak with crazy stunts and hard-hitting action. Movie has the better showcase of raw, brutal martial arts. It’s the only movie that could be compare with The Raid.

  7. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – it’s the film that introduced me to Ang Lee and I’ve not looked back since

  8. Enter the Dragon – because the fight scenes are brilliantly choreographed, realistic and uses amazing actors/stunt doubles

  9. I’ve got to go with Enter the Dragon. Not only is it Bruce Lee’s best film, it’s also the best martial arts film ever made. Fantastic action scenes and great performances from everyone involved and such a beautifully made film too.

  10. POLICE STORY! An all time classic Jackie Chan flick. Crazy stunts, humour and brilliant martial arts action from all involved, but especially MR CHAN!!! Never gets old and the worth watching for what Jackie will put himself through alone. SUPERB!

  11. I doubt it if counts as true martial art, but to the untrained eye, like mine, I shall claim it is:
    Oldboy (the original)

    This is my fave film of all time, and although not very martial art-y, it’s got the most amazing fightscene, which I think might possibly count as some sort of Korean kick boxing of some sort. 😀

  12. enter the dragon because it was bruce lee’s best film and people still say today the he was the greatest at martial arts of all time

  13. Enter the dragon because it was the first martial art film i ever watched as a kid and i just love all the quotable lines in the movie…… “Bulls**t Mr hand Man” that has me in stiches everytime 😆

  14. Enter the Dragon because it was the first martial arts film I saw at the cinema and I’ve been hooked on them ever since

  15. My fav action movie is district 13 because i love parkour but for out and out action i love no retreat no surrender because i like jon cluad vandam

  16. Wheels on Meals because it is funny as well as having good action. Both Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung are excellent.

  17. Enter the Dragon – watched it on the big screen in a welsh fleapit loved Bruce Lee, after watching saturday tv western and war films (probably same actors) it was new exciting and very sexy

  18. Way of the Dragon, Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee! Plus a kitten calling the final fight. Awesome, soup eating, cheesy bad guy having, chest hair wrenching stuff.

  19. Was going to say the classic Enter The Dragon, but my heart has swayed me to House of Flying Daggers as it is sheer poetry placed onto celluloid.

  20. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

    Second DVD I ever bought, spent all my pocket money on it, worth every penny.
    Watched it over and over again. I had never seen action like it, beautiful and violent at the same time, the action, the lore and the soundtrack we’re so alien to me yet so captivating.

    Never before had a film’s soundtrack made as of an impact as the action, the first fight scene, when you hear those drums and see them fly, amazing.

  21. Enter The Dragon, first Bruce Lee film I ever saw and I was captivated. Good martial arts films are a total joy to watch, it’s like ballet but more violent 🙂 .

  22. Kill Bill Vol.1 – Uma Thurman as ‘The Bride’ kicks some serious *ss. The scene with the The Crazy 88s is just mindblowing. Check out the Japanese cut over on you tube.

  23. Mmmh! It’s so difficult to choose from so many great martial artists and movies. It would have to be an early Jackie Chan film up to and including “Mr. Nice Guy”… I’ll go for “Drunken Master”! It’s magnificent with Jackie at the peak of his physical fitness and portraying so many styles with a heavy helping of humour. I think that “Drunken Master” is the epitome of the “action-comedy” genre!

  24. The Karate Kid, wax on wax off, paint the fence…………………. it was the first film that I saw with karate in it so its got to be the best

  25. The origina Hara Kiri – this is simply a masterpiece of film-making (the Kurosawa samurai movies and Enter the Dragon run it a close second).

  26. Karate Kid as it gives you hope that even if you are small, you can achieve great things if you try hard enough

  27. crouching dragon, hidden tiger. brilliant, just brilliant. top story, top skills, very involving film. didn’t notice subtitles after 10ish mins

  28. I actually think The Raid is my favourite. Mainly due to the pace of the film, plenty of violence and gore. The camera work and choreography is amazing!

  29. Enter the Dragon is my ultimate martial arts film. Watching Bruce Lee’s absolutely super-human martial arts skills never ceases to amaze me!

  30. For me it has to be Jet Li’s Fearless. What a martial arts film, AND a good plot! The final fights with the Japanese guy.. come on! And he wins even though *SPOILER* he’s been poisoned, terrific movie. Ohh and that fight with that man-mountain Nathan Jones, great bit of work!

  31. A small man, chequered past made superb Martial arts films The best being ENTER THE DRAGON starring Bruce Lee, plus other iconic actors. I have seen this 62 times 21 at cinemas.

  32. My favorite Martial Arts film is Savate (1995) starring Olivier Gruner. The film is unique since it is set during the Wild West in America, where a French soldier (Gruner) fights using savate in a martial arts tournament. I like it because it blends many genres alongside martial arts successfully such as not only western, but having comedy moments and romance. The film also includes Ray Jackson from Bloodsport and there’s also quite a lot of violence.

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