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Published and developed by Ci Games

Enemy Front is another in the long line of FPS’s to roll off the previous generations production line, but like many before it, is it just a drop in the ocean for the genre?

Taking place throughout different periods of World War II, Enemy Front is the story of American War correspondent Robert Hawkins, as he takes to the front lines with the Polish resistance (among others, told via flashback), and reports back to the rest of the world, be it for support, encouragement or just to inform of their plights or triumphs. As well as the game seeing you play through some significant events during the conflict, the majority of the action takes place during the Polish uprising in Warsaw, which to my knowledge, has been seldom covered in games.


As FPS’s go, Enemy Front is quite tough. In normal mode, all it takes is a few hits from the enemies weapons and it’s lights out. This game encourages and rewards patience. The tougher the battle, the more satisfying it is when you get past the next group of Nazis. A neat little feature is the abilty to scout ahead with binoculars, allowing you to plan your route or attack, with an icon appearing above any enemy soldiers you spot, indicating whether they know your presence or not. There’s a solid range of classic weaponry from rifles to machine guns. Each of which take some getting used to as these are old guns from the forties, opposed to the flashy weapons seen in modern shooters. The visuals are quite nice, if a little run of the mill at this stage in the generation, but there’s a great balance between war torn cities and beautiful countryside. The loading screen has a neat feature too. As the game loads, the camera pans around a 3D still of a battle featured in the level, showing just how detailed the game is.


There’s a feel to the game that reminds me of the original Medal Of Honour games, the good ones from the PS1 and early PS2 days. The game pulls no punches when it comes to showing the horror of war, in particular a trip through a resistance hospital, it really brings home the aftermath of bombing raids and battles. As enthralling as the game may be, it’s by no means perfect, not by a long stretch. Enemy Front is let down some annoying little bugs that keep rearing there ugly heads. Whilst trying to sneak past an outpost, I was in a wooden building, and although there were walls, the enemy somehow knew I was there and actually shot me through the wall. As if the wall wasn’t even there. And sometimes you can shoot an enemy point blank and not even graze them. But fortunately that issue only occurred a few times. Throw in the fact that the refresh rate of the game can be rather poor as well, causing pop up, and it does hamper the experience at times.


I did try to take to the online multiplayer modes, but unfortunately was unable to get in any games, but as a single player game it’s still a great experience, and a nice change to what’s been on offer recently, but ultimately it’s the bugs that bring down the score.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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  1. It’s a shame that the game is not without errors. Anyway, as most now. Overall, however, I actually played decently. Great locations, great weapon. And the music perfectly blended into the game. Hopefully that will improve EF.

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