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The Bargain

Film noir and New Orleans magic collide in a new title from Kara Barrett, funded by contributions from the website Kickstarter.

Jackson Connolly has only a couple of hours left before his soul is taken completing a contract. Trying to break the contract, he meets and saves Lisette and the pair embark on the mission to save his soul. Taking in Lousiana and New Orleans in the 1950’s it’s an adventure noir with some magic and the supernatural thrown in for good measure. The story isn’t necessarily anything new. Constantine has been doing a similar variation for years, current title Ten Grand is also treading similar ground and the story seems to be straying into the same idea behind television show Reaper. However, adding the noir element adds something more unique about it. The comic form lends itself well to the noir genre with its hard boiled voiceover, which the comic replicates, and the comic plays into the genre with the clothing style and inclusion of a strip club and damsel in distress. Also, a grizzled noir hero feels like someone who would make a pact with the devil. The New Orleans setting is a good fit, playing on the old legend of selling your soul at the crossroads for talent and riches.

The artwork is good, though some of the eyes could do with some work, unfortunately looking off in several panels. The hellhounds have a good look, all straining muscles, pointed teeth and jagged, spiked fur. It also has some of the darkness and shadow of the noir genre that could perhaps be played upon further in subsequent issues. Jackson’s visions and nightmares are a nice touch, giving a view into his tortured and fracturing mind and it would be good to see this continued. Lisette and Jackson’s relationship is a fun one and they are both characters that you would be happy to follow. The end of the issue leaves you with the idea of where the story is going to go and it seems to be leading to a fun adventure.


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