RZ-9 (2014)

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RZ-9 (2014)
Directed by by Iain Carson

Martial law is declared in America when a terrorist group blow up Los Angeles. With civilian unrest and riots in the cities, the military patrol the streets and the skies with armed drones, ready to fire upon any civilians breaching the peace. When Patterson Endcott, one of the drone operators, discovers he himself is on the military watch-list due to his Christian beliefs, he flees the military base but not before taking down their system with a piece of software. Patterson, along with his 16 year old sister Samantha, flee for their lives and must decide whether to join the resistance army or be hunted down alone by the government’s super-soldiers, Erasers.

Iain Carson’s action sci-fi thriller RZ-9 is set in the not too distant future in a time where religious fanatics are putting the lives of those in the U.S. in severe danger. When their nuclear weapon wipes out the whole of L.A. and martial law is brought into effect, the finger begins to pointed at anyone and everyone who may believe in religion or be part of a group. The military are convinced that any organised group of people have the ability to cause an uprising and that cannot be allowed. Their aim to keep civilians in line with a curfew and threat of jail only does so much in controlling the people. A band of freedom fighters have made it their duty to keep their given right to freedom, whatever the cost. When Patterson Endcott becomes a prime target, he can no longer sit on the fence. He must join the rebels or face a near certain death at the hands of the ruthless, powerful killing machines, the Erasers, a group of men who too will do whatever it takes to complete the mission.

When describing the plot of RZ-9, it has all the makings of a potentially good movie if executed right. Unfortunately, the entire idea has been squished and flat packed to a point where any idea has lost all meaning. With a weak script and cast, RZ-9 struggles to convince the viewer, especially when the characters are hard to invest in. The entire plot feels rushed with Patterson a dedicated employee one minute and a wanted fugitive the next with very little character building inbetween. The whole approach to the conflict and terrorist cell, which is risking the safety of the USA, feels amateur as though watching an Asylum movie. In their defence, The Asylum flicks, despite being low budget, tend to be very entertaining in their own way but RZ-9 is far from an enjoyable watch. It drags its feet from pillar to post with little to keep you going. The only saving grace is Charlie Gillette as resistance leader Jack who injects a much-needed energy into the movie but when push comes to shove, his performance isn’t enough to make this a riveting watch.

With political and religious commentary on the world’s current state of affairs and where we’re potentially heading, RZ-9 aspires to be a hard-hitting, thought-provoking action thriller but fails to hit the mark.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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  1. I do agree, never seen a movie with so much potential yet fails miserably to hit the mark. This is a movie that was supposed to be in every person’s tongue but even a 2 star rating is so much a favour. Terrible FAIL

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