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Directed by Michael Cooney
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A serial killer by the name of Jack Frost is being transported to an executional facility to face the death penalty when the vehicle he’s in is involved in an accident. After escaping his confines, Jack is drenched by the crashed vehicle’s acidic load which melts away his body and fuses with the snow, bringing him back to life as a snowman. With revenge on his mind, Jack makes his way to the small town of Snowmonton where he intends to kill the Sheriff who locked him up.

Lord forbid if any parent mistakes this JACK FROST with the Micheal Keaton family friendly film of the same name. Instead of a heart-warming story, they’ll be greeted with this cheesy horror comedy about a killer snowman who makes his way around a small town killing off the townsfolk in various ways until he reaches his enemy – Sheriff Sam. It’s corny and daft and the film is very aware of this fact, hamming up the performances with its cringeworthy dialogue. However, it has immense fun poking fun at itself and the cast seem happy enough to indulge in these crazy shenanigans to entertain the viewer, even if it often feels like a slog to watch.

JACK FROST is essentially 90 minutes of puns. If a snowman rape-killing a woman (a pre-American Pie Shannon Elizabeth, no less) with his carrot nose repositioned down below floats your boat, then the subsequent “Looks like Christmas has come early” line will no doubt be the icing on the cake. The film is absolutely littered with puns and believe it or not, the longer the film goes on, the cornier they get. However, to give the film its due, the kill scenes featured in the movie are rather inventive and having a snowman as the antagonist makes for a hard-to-defeat enemy for the film’s characters to tackle, especially as he can shape shift into liquid and still survive.

Viewers will find more to titter about this film than scream, especially when the characters get up close with Jack Frost in his snowman form. During some of the fight sequences, where characters attempt to escape the icy grip of Frost, the snowman costume is clearly made from foam which only serves to tickle the audience further. It’s bad and it’s seemingly unashamed about it which firmly places JACK FROST in the “so bad it’s good” category. Despite this, I don’t think I could actually bare to sit through JACK FROST again.

If you’re looking for something daft to watch with friends whilst downing some beers on a Saturday night, then JACK FROST will certainly add to the hangover.

Rating: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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