Titan Books To Publish Michelle Belanger’s CONSPIRACY OF ANGELS on 27th October 2015


Titan Books will be publishing Michelle Belanger’s CONSPIRACY OF ANGELS in paperback format on 27th October 2015.

The first novel in the brand new Shadowside fantasy series from author, occult expert, and media personality Michelle Belanger.

When Zachary Westland regains consciousness on the winter shores of Lake Erie, his memories are gone. He is compelled to run, and as he does, powerful psychic fragments assault him—chaotic visions of violence and death. His one clue is a business card for Club Heaven, and there Zack finds the six-foot-six transsexual enigma known as Saliriel. Yet “Sal” is only the beginning, and Zack’s investigations quickly take a violent turn.

Alarming details emerge, of angelic tribes trapped on Earth and struggling in the wake of The Blood Wars. There has been an uneasy peace between the tribes, but the truce is at an end. With the help of his “sibling” Remiel and Lilianna, the lady of beasts, Zack must stem the bloodshed before it cannot be stopped.

“Conspiracy of Angels draws upon Michelle’s astonishing grasp of the occult, merging it with rapid–?fire action and compelling characters who grab you from the beginning,” Editor Steve Saffel noted. “This is the beginning of something extraordinary.”

Michelle Belanger is an author, occult expert and author, singer, a member of the vampire community, and a psychic seen regularly on the television series Paranormal State. She’s been featured on programs on HBO, the History Channel, and CNN Headline News, and teaches classes around the United States on dreamwalking, energy exchange, and spirit communication. Michelle’s work has taken her around the globe, but she resides near Cleveland, Ohio with three cats, a few friendly spirits, and a library of more than five thousand books.

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