HCF Christmas Gift Guide 2015

It’s December again. I know! Can you believe it? Which means that it’s time for my annual Christmas gift guide.

Normally I’d include books in my list but because I’ve read so many smashing ones this year, I’m going to publish my Must-Have Books of 2015 list shortly after this.

So, what do you buy the film fan in your life? It may be your significant other, your child, your sibling or it might even be a treat for yourself!

Here’s some nifty stocking filler ideas for the film and entertainment fan in your life this Christmas 2015.

toht-candleMelting Toht Candle

Available for £19.99, exclusive to Firebox

Everyone loves candles especially in blackouts. But what better candle than this Raiders of the Lost Ark Melting Toht Candle. Now you can recreate the very scene in your own living room!

This highly detailed candle bust of Major Arnold Ernst Toht includes black leather jacket, fedora, spectacles and gaping mouth and comes in a cardboard presentation box that looks like a wooden crate.


blood-bath-shower-gelBlood Bath Shower Gel

Available for £6.99 from IWOOT

Recreating an IV bag as seen in hospitals globally, this cherry scented shower gel is perfect to make a bloodbath of your own a la Psycho. You may just convince your friends, when they got to use the loo, that you’re actually unhinged.



Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soaps

Available at £9.99 each, exclusive to Firebox

For the gamer in your life, why not treat them to a nice lather with these Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soaps. You can choose from Donkey Kong 64, Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. Hand-made in the USA, these Energy Citrus scented soaps will tempt even those most dedicated gamer away from their joypad for a good wash.



Garden Gnomes

Available from Firebox
Game of Gnomes
– £19.99

Zombie Gnome – £14.99
Exclusive A Clockwork Orange Gnome – £14.99

For film and television loving gardeners out there, what could be better than a Game of Gnomes garden ornament. How about Night of the Living Gnomes? Or a bit of the ol’ ultra violence with the exclusive Droogie Gnome? There’s a gnome for everyone that will surely both delight guests to your house and frighten those birds away from eating your freshly planted seeds.



DVDs and Blu-Rays

So what movies do we recommend to get your mitts on for this Christmas? Mad Max: Fury Road saw Tom Hardy as road warrior Max Rockatansky in this year’s reboot and the Blu-Ray is the best way to watch this spectacular visual epic away from the big screen. Then we have Tom Cruise doing what he does best, strapping himself to an Airbus A400M plane, as you do, for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, out now on Blu-Ray.

If TV is your thing, then check out police thriller River starring Stellan Skarsgard. A truly 5 star effort from writer Abi Morgan with such a brilliant story backed up by stellar performances.

Severin Films have released some Jess Franco films to Blu-Ray that are worth a look for fans of his work whilst Eureka Entertainment have released their share of top titles from the past this year including the incredible The Naked Prey.

Arrow Video always produce top notch releases but the limited edition Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box boxset was probably the most anticipated which quickly sold out. You can still get it from private sellers though expect to pay more, however if you can wait til the end of January 2016, Arrow Video’s standard Hellraiser trilogy boxset will be released. If Asian cinema is your bag, do check out the newly released Yakuza film boxset Battles Without Honour and Humanity.




Everyone loves a t-shirt. I should know, I can’t even get into my wardrobe I have that many. What I really love though is entertainment t-shirts that have a unique edge to them, not your mass produced ones. Tostadora are the ideal place to pick up t-shirts of this kind with thousands of designs available created by artists from around the world. I already have a Machete, Fight Club and Alien x Fallout one and I’ve a list as long as my arm of the others I’d like to get my hands on. Check the header of our site as Tostadora have some Christmas discount codes running each week leading up to the big day.



Stormtrooper Speaker

Available at £39.99 from Firebox

The new Star Wars flick is just around the corner so what better way to satiate Star Wars fever than a Stormtrooper Helmet Bluetooth Speaker. This 5w rechargeable speaker can sync to your phone, computer or other bluetooth device or be used by optional 3.5mm audio-in-socket to play your favourite tunes. Plus, what better device could you find to play the Imperial March through! A handy little speaker than will sit comfortably alongside your movie merch.



Sports Almanac iPad Air Cover

Available at £19.99, Exclusive to Firebox

Remember the sports almanac in Back To The Future Part II, the one which Older Biff gives to his younger self to make him successful in an alternate timeline? Now it can be yours… er, sorta… in this wicked iPad Air cover. Course there’s no stats inside to place bets on but your friends won’t know that and it makes a great way of disguising and keeping your iPad Air safe. BTTF fans will love it!



Christmas Gaming Jumper

From £19.99 from FunStock

Yes, everyone’s doing them but I’ve got to include them in the list.  In the past, Christmas jumpers were seen as the cringeworthy present your grandmother or aunt would get you but now there’s a whole trend of wearing christmas jumpers in December that emulate those awful knitted ones. Well, now you can have the best of both worlds with a Fallout, Sonic The Hedgehog, Playstation or even Star Wars christmas jumper. Sorted!



We all love a good game and nothing brings a family closer together than a boardgame on a cold winter’s day. There’s plenty of themed boardgames out there including jigsaws of the most popular film, comicbook, game and television franchises out there but if you’ve got a specific taste then why not check out International Ridicule. They’ve got some boardgames already pre-made, including a signed Scream boardgame and A Nightmare on Elm Street one, but if you fancy something more custom for your loved one or even for yourself, purchase a gift card so they can order their very own custom boardgame to be made in the new year. As they’ve been included in our gift guide, International Ridicule have extended their sale on their pre-made boardgames and gift cards until 20th December 2015.

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