Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! – HCF Videogame Review


Infinite State Games – PS4/PS Vita Cross Buy – 1 Player – Out Now

Don’t Die Mr. Robot!, is a basic looking Arcade game where the objective is pretty clear; Don’t Die! Controlling the titular Mr Robot, you have to avoid pretty much everything that fills the screen. Touch anything and it’s game over, with one exception, fruit. Fruit is the only thing that Mr Robot can come into contact with and it also has the added bonus of destroying any enemies in close proximity. If there is any other fruit in the blast radius, this too goes off, potentially causing a chain reaction of destruction and loads of points in the bank. Yep, points. Those things you used get in games to show you’re the best. This game is all about high scores, and there are a few modes available to get them. When beginning the game you can only play Remix mode, which is a series of challenges based around the game’s features. The first few challenges are basically tutorials and it doesn’t take long to learn the ropes.


Following the completion of the tutorials, Arcade, Time Attack and Chill Out modes are all available. Arcade mode is as you’d expect, jumping straight in, get as many points as possible and last as long as you can. Time Attack you need to get as many points as possible before the time limit runs out, and Chill Out mode sees the gameplay slowed right down, which may seem easier, but poses a new challenge as slow doesn’t necessarily mean easy, as the screen doesn’t take long to fill up with enemies. And with the slowed down pace you’re also treated to a synthy version of Strauss’s Blue Danube (or; that waltz from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which this version coincidentally, wouldn’t sound out of place in A Clockwork Orange). Whilst on the subject, the game’s music is great. While not quite the retro style chip-tunes you’d expect from a game as old skool as this, it’s still got that great arcadey feel to it, like a late 90’s game. There’s also the facility to customise your Mr. Robot, where you can change its colour, add accessories and also swap gender. While not really relevant to the gameplay experience, it does add an extra element of fun.

Don’t Die, Mr Robot, for what it’s priced at is an absolute steal. It’s quite easy to get stuck in to this for hours. It may seem somewhat limited on the surface, but when you’re trying to beat high scores or get that perfect run on Remix mode, the replayability of this game is almost endless. It’s a fast paced (for the most part), chaotic game, which has a wonderful charm to it and at just over £2 on the PlayStation store, it’s probably one of the must have bargains on there.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

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