DUB DASH [PC Game Review]


Developed by Incodra
Published by Headup Games
For PC and Mac via Steam

Dub Dash is a rhythm based game where you must use your mouse or arrow buttons on your keyboard to move, jump and bounce your wheel past the obstacles to reach the end of the music track. Including music from Bossfight and the DJs of Geometry Dash, Dub Dash is a an explosion of colours with its 3D of a platform that seems to rotate towards you as you navigate through the level. It’s quite strange at first and made me slight nauseous but after a few goes I quickly got used to the visuals.

Dub Dash is an easy game to play but so very difficult to master. If you’re like me, you’ll be playing the game, moving your wheel past the obstacles in time to the music when BOOM! you’ll hit an obstacle after misjudging it. Back to the beginning you go. A percentage of the level you got up to will be saved like a high score but you’ll need to start from the beginning of the level to try once again to complete it. Sometimes you can start from a particular section, depending if you have enough hearts left, but these are quickly used up and you’ll find yourself having another go to try and complete the level. Like anything, practice and perseverence pays off but it’s one of those games you have to keep coming back to.

Whilst the dub step music used in the game is more than suitable, it would have been cool to be able to use your own songs in the game though I suppose it’s called Dub Dash for a reason. Aesthetically it looks splendid though can cause seizures so do be warned if you have epilepsy. I found using the arrow keys on the keyboard much easier for controlling the wheel on screen rather than using the mouse but you can also use a controller should you wish.

I’d say that this game is tailored more towards playing when you have a spare 10 minutes or so. It’s fun to play in short bursts and may have you rage quitting when you reach 95% of a level then hit an obstacle but it’s rewarding when you finally complete a particular track.

The game also has local multiplayer mode as well as a challege mode for more difficult tracks.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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