Grumpy Reaper – Out Now on Wii U


Enjoy Up  – Wii U – 1 Player

Grumpy Reaper is certainly an unusual game given the story. The reapers keys to the afterlife have been stolen and to get them back, for some reason, he possesses a grounds keeper at a cemetery. It appears the grounds keeper then has to rid each level of overgrown grass whilst avoiding all kinds of monsters, zombies and ghosts. Once all the grass is cut, the level is cleared. So pretty much an update of Hovver Bovver in some respects. It’s isometric view takes some getting used to as the controls are not complete 360 degree movement, rather you can only move up, down, left or right, which for a top down game in this day and age feels backwards.


The aesthetic is pretty good as the game has a family friendly Gothic style, with some decent character models. The level design is pretty much repetitive with little variety other than the layout however. The game feels like a mish mash of ideas thrown together to see what sticks. It looks and sounds the part but the gameplay barely entertains. If it traded in the bizarre grass cutting element for say, hack and slash monster slaying fun, you’d have an enjoyable Gothic action game, not too far away from the likes of Zombies Ate My Neighbours, or even Medieval. However, the game we’re left with is an unusual undead gardening game which confuses more than it entertains.

Rating: ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆

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