Of Carrots and Blood
Published and Developed by Trite Games
Available on PC

Cuddly arcade shooter Of Carrots and Blood combines a simple, tested mechanic of top-down shoot-em-ups with the cuteness of furry creatures and vegetables with faces.

If, like me, you’re a single player person (i.e. you’ve no friends to play PC games with) then OF CARROTS AND BLOOD isn’t really the best game for you. It only has one single player mode whilst all the rest are for two or more players co-op, not online. The single player campaign is pretty much an endless mode where you attempt to get a high score so you can rank on the online leaderboard.

As a bunny rabbit, your job is to protect the giant carrot from the mutants marching through the woods, across the field, to attack it. Using the Xbox controller for Windows, the left stick will move the rabbit whilst the right stick will fire lasers in your chosen direction. Firing lasers at the mutants will cause them to explode and sometimes a special pickup will be left in their wake. Pick it up and your laser attack will gain a power up of some kind, be it triple lasers or heat-seeking-style lasers, or sometimes it can be a shield to temporarily protect the carrot from harm.

Like most games, the longer you survive in endless mode, the more difficult it becomes with more and more mutants making a beeline for your carrot more frequently. All it takes is one touch with the enemies for your bunny to die so you’ve got to play it careful to try and reach those high scores.

Due to my inability to play 2 player co-op, I cannot score this game properly so I won’t, nor can I review it as a whole. All I can suggest is that people looking to purchase this game should realise that it predominantly caters for local multiplayer. Based purely on its single player offering, endless mode becomes repetitive very quickly though I can imagine two player would probably be a more entertaining experience.

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