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Back in the day, the only way you could watch movies was to go visit your local cinema. Then home videos were released followed by DVD and Blu-Ray. Now, you don’t even need to own a physical copy of a movie to watch it with digital quickly becoming part of the norm for many film fans with subscription services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix as well as ultraviolet copies of movies and iTunes. Tablets have become part of this culture with many people now watching movies on the go or in the comfort of their home, inside and out, on their tablets via the online services and why not? You can surf the internet, watch some cat videos and then catch up with the latest episode of Outlander. And visit HorrorCultFilms of course! 🙂 Sometimes though it can be a pain to continuously hold a tablet upright or tilt your head downwards to view the tablet on a table or on your own lap. Thankfully, a solution to that problem has come in the form of the iBeani.

What is an iBeani? Essentially, it’s a small beanbag but rather than plonking your derriere on it, it’s a brilliantly adjustable base to sit your tablet on, be it an iPad, Galaxy Tab or other tablet. Its cotton construction means it’s non-abrasiave against your expensive hardware so you needn’t worry about scratching it up. Lightweight with a semi adjustable shape allows the iBeani to be easily stored and transported when not in use with its carry loop handle at the top. It even comes with a little pocket on the side to store your reading glasses or mobile phone when viewing your tablet.


What I love about the iBeani is that it doesn’t matter where you are, simply pop the tablet onto the beanbag iBeani and adjust to get the right angle you require and voila! It stays in place and doesn’t move whilst you touch and swipe or simply just watch the screen. Many times I’ve been sat upright in bed squinting at my TV in the corner of the room but now I can use my tablet directly in front of me without having to crank my neck for long periods of time and suffer neck ache. It’s a better viewing position for me when using the iBeani and I don’t have to worry about succumbing to pain neither.

The iBeani isn’t just useful for sitting your tablet on either, which I’ve happily discovered. As an avid reader, I can prop my physical book on it whilst I read, though you could definitely use an e-reader too if digital takes your fancy, and when travelling it makes a mighty comfortable travel pillow to rest your head on. I’m sure it has plenty more uses I’ve yet to discover but most importantly it serves the purpose it is being sold for: as a tablet stand.

My mother using the iBeani

The iBeani comes in a variety of designs from patterned to prints of animals. I chose the beige Woodland Fox print with its cute depictions of owls, butterflies and foxes amidst the acorns, trees and leaves.

iBeani makes a great accessory for people like me who watch a lot of digital TV series and movies, especially as I’m often reviewing them for HCF, though I know anyone who uses tablets or e-readers in general would benefit from from the iBeani, particularly to keep repetitive strain injury at bay.


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