10 SECOND NINJA X [PC Game Review]


10 Second Ninja X
Developed by Four Circle Interactive
Published by Curve Digital
Available on PS4, Xbox One, Steam and PS Vita

Armed with a sword and ninja stars, you must wipe out all of Captain Greatbeard’s bots in a set time limit of 10 seconds (hence the title) to complete the levels to rescue the furry critters of the land that have been enslaved inside the machines by the wicked Captain. Sounds easy, right? Easier said than done.

This game is all about speed and accuracy. You will die many, many times as you try to complete and pass the level. 10 Second Ninja X is far from a walk in the park and enters difficult territory extremely quickly. After three or four levels, I found myself challenged to the point where I would either end up caught on electric fencing or simply run out of ninja stars to throw at the hard-to-reach bots residing on a far platform. With only three ninja stars to use, you have to plan your run wisely, deciding which bots to take out from a distance and which to get up close and personal to slice and dice with your sword. Plans will be rewritten as attempts fail and you’ll more than likely find yourself rage quitting more than once, especially when a complete sweep of the level is within grasp.

I must admit I’m not the best at these sorts of games but the controls of 10 Second Ninja X are simple and easy to use. You have the directional controls, jump, double jump, sword slice and star throw. There’s no abundance of complicated controls to wrap your head around, just the basic structure that works well on an Xbox Controller as it does for the keyboard. It’s just the timing and accuracy which I’ve yet to master.

There’s plenty of levels to get stuck into in the game, not that I’ve got very far. The fast-pace of the game means you’re never left hanging around for long either. Leaderboards and three star ratings help to push you to achieve a better run but just completing a level, to me, is an achievement. With obstacles in the way, bots on various out-of-reach platforms and the time limit against you, players really have their work cut out to try and complete the levels.

With its savage difficulty, I would recommend this side-scrolling, action-platformer game to those who are up for a challenge.

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