Win a DVD Bundle To Celebrate The Release of FINAL RECALL

To celebrate the home entertainment release of FINAL RECALL, available on Digital HD 14th August, and DVD & Blu-ray 21st August, we have a DVD bundle up for grabs containing FINAL RECALL, PREDESTINATION, EXTRATERRESTRIAL, KILL COMMAND, ROBOT OVERLORDS, INANIMATE, and THE VOID, courtesy of Signature Entertainment!

Action superstar Wesley Snipes, in his first leading role since 2012’s cult hit Gallowwalkers, returns to the screen as The Hunter, a character as memorable as his iconic title role in the Blade films. Here, Snipes has a hell of good time as a no-nonsense survivalist trying to stop aliens from taking over planet Earth, and attempting to convince a cabin full of teens what is at stake – basically, the end of humanity.

Featuring genuinely creepy creatures and dazzling effects, flying saucers, alien abductions, attractive young actors being picked off one by one, and Snipes charging around the woods in army gear, with a pump-action shotgun, blasting at black-eyed beasties – FINAL RECALL has the lot!

Mixing Cabin In The Woods with Independence Day to superb effect, and directed with real visual flair by Mauro Borelli (the concept artist behind such blockbusters as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Hulk, Planet of the Apes and The Hateful Eight), FINAL RECALL is a fantastically inventive and thrillingly unpredictable sci-fi thriller. This a full-throttle and fun take on the alien abduction genre that fans of Snipes won’t want to miss, and thrillseekers will have a blast with.

For your chance to win this terrific DVD bundle, simply comment below telling us your favourite sci-fi movies of the last decade and why.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Saturday 26th August 2017 and one valid comment will be chosen and notified by email.

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  1. My best over the last decade is EX MACHINA – Stunning close up cinematography with only 3 principle actors, dark story.

  2. INCEPTION (2010) A sci-fi movie which changes the rules of the genre! Christopher Nolan’s movie is a metaphysical puzzle, shifting reality and making your head spin without overloading you. Complex story is counter-balanced by great characters and acting, plus amazing effects and great music!

  3. I loved Interstellar, so atmospheric and excellent acting from Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine

  4. I really enjoyed Arrival, it showed how quick we are to jump to conclusions and i liked the element of reality in the fact that we would first have to learn how to communicate with extra terrestrials .

  5. Star Trek – a crafted regeneration of a tired franchise keeping true to the original characters along with a great story line.

  6. Star Wars Rogue One
    After some pretty lame attempts in the 00’s this was finally back on track with a decent storyline and interesting characters

  7. I’m going to go for THE ARRIVAL OF WANG, since I never hear anyone talking about it and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully Film4 show it again soon!

  8. Prometheus because it brings rhe Alien series back and the Alien covenant is coming so we are in for a lot a alien films

  9. ‘Arrival’ is probably my favourite as I like my Sci-Fi to make me think and not to just dazzle me with C.G.I. – although saying that, when it’s done for a purpose like in ‘Ex-Machina’ it can be incredible.

  10. my favourite is the Matrix. as you never know it could be real. how do we know. we could all be in the matrix right now

  11. Sooo hard to pick!Think it’s been a fantastic decade. I reckon the best ones are the ones you can really talk about afterwards trying to make sense of them. Looper & Inception spring to mind. You need to watch more than once to pick up so many little plotlines.

  12. Looper. An unexpectedly wonderful, a quiet and melancholic reflection on destiny, fate, and, of all the hoary sci-fi cliches in the world, sacrifice.

  13. Ex Machina – probably for the stunning acting, and perfect not over-the-top visuals.

    District 9 – for being something different and captivating


  14. The Bourne Identity and sequels were brilliant. I thought they were great at the time as James Bond movies were becoming a bit lack lustre in my opinion.

  15. Rogue one. Simply a stunning film that captured the spirit of the greatest saga of them all and made me go to a galaxy far far away again!

  16. Interstellar was excellent but my favourite from the last decade has to be The Martian. Not only is it visually stunning but I found it a gripping and entertaining film.

  17. I love the Alien franchise, and my vote goes for Prometheus. It may not be a popular choice, but it was a very intelligent and beautiful film with enough twists and action to balance out the lengthy build up and character development.

  18. I’d have to say Avatar and Independence Day. Both were groundbreaking in terms of the special effects they used and managed to be a hit commercially to boot.

  19. My favourite is Lucy. I didn’t really watch sci fi until this came out and I watched it because it had my name. It turned out I really enjoyed it.

  20. It has to be Avatar. The special effects are amazing and you’re transported to such a magical place. That, combined with the message of humans destroying the habitat on Pandora makes it very special.

  21. I’m a huge star wars fan so has to be return of the jedi if I can only pick one from the series, love the escapism, amazing charcters you can identify with and a timeless tale that never gets old

  22. Avatar was pure genus, it really took me to a fantasy land that i really wanted to live on, thats the whole reason i love sci-fi. it makes dreams come alive

  23. Prometheus – Ridley Scott took us back to where the Alien series began with an excellent backstory, interesting characters and some very impressive special effects.

  24. So many to choose from but I thin I’ll go for avatar. I know a lot of ‘true’ sci-fi fans slate it but even after watching it 8 or 9 times it still keeps the kids quiet and I’ll stop and watch large chunks as well 🙂

  25. These are both of a similar theme, but I guess I have a “type” of sci-fi that I prefer. I really enjoyed She and Ex-Machina.

  26. CHAPPIE would be my choice. It has a gritty, realistic feel to it, and the performances are excellent. Thought-provoking, but with plenty of action – a real emotional roller-coaster ????.

  27. So many to choose from but I really liked Lucy, great story, nice action scenes and a brilliant performance from Scarlett

  28. There are so many amazing Sci-Fi films to choose from. I really enjoyed Inception. It is unlike any Sci-Fi film I have seen for many years. Exploring the concept of dreams, physics and reality was quite head-wrecking at times, but it still is my favourite!`

  29. Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Extremely realistic ape-acting and cgi allowed me to believe in and empathise with Caesar and his hairy chums with a cleverly devised idea for the events to come.

  30. I usually prefer older Sci-Fi but my favourite from the past 10 years would probably be Sunshine (2007) (I think that just about scrapes the 10 years). A wonderfully layered film that warrants a second watch.

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