While I have a distinct fondness for Mortal Kombat and Soldier, I don’t think there’s any doubt that 1997’s Event Horizon is the only really good film that Paul W.S. Anderson has made, though it would probably be even better in its ‘director’s cut’. The scary space-set horror was initially shown in a longer and gorier version at a test screening where audience members were revolted by what they saw, some even apparently fainting! Paramount got Anderson to drastically cut the film down, and sadly the excised footage no longer exists according to Anderson himself, which is a great shame indeed.

However, this new video from Mr. H Reviews  [courtesy of ‘Bloody Disgusting’] explores the deleted footage, so at least we get a good idea of the version that we will sadly never see.

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  1. Great vid. Event Horizon is one of my favourite horrors. That director’s cut would’ve been awesome! Shame the footage no longer exists

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