5 Fun Things Every Film Lover Should do

Film is something that has been around for decades now. The first films that were created weren’t longer than a minute, were in black and white and didn’t have sound. However, during the 1900s, people began to see the emerging of longer films which also consisted of several shots. Fast-forward to today; technology has made it possible to see movies of any length and across a range of genres. For these reasons alone, you may have fallen in love with film and filled your free time with watching old and new movies. If you need ideas for other ways you can entertain yourself, continue to read below.

1.)  Listen to a Podcast

Research has found that nearly 6 million adults tune into podcasts each week meaning that they’re growing in popularity. These days, you can find a podcast on just about anything including films. Look for ones that genuinely interest you, so you can hear people discuss some of your all-time favourite films. A podcast that you should try is Kermode and Mayo’s film review on BBC Radio 5 Live. It will keep you updated on latest film releases which can be entertaining.

2.)  Watch a Game Live

Watching a sports game isn’t the same as watching a film, but it can still be entertaining nevertheless! You get to experience the energy of the crowd, as well as see the moments that lead up to the climax of a game live. Additionally, you get to experience the anxiety that arises from trying to guess the outcome. You have many sports you can choose from such as football, basketball, horse racing, or rugby. If you’re good at predicting the outcome of games, you could even consider betting on sites like www.unibet.co.uk/betting.

3.)  Join a Forum

If you like talking to people over the internet, a forum is a perfect way to indulge in your love for film. There are many out there who also have similar interests, so you can discuss your opinions and views with people who share your passion. In fact, HorrorCultFilms team came together because of the now-defunct Empire forums. If you’re looking for an active genre forum, then you must simply check out Cult Labs.

4.)  Interact on Blogs

As with podcasts and forums, blogs are a great way to entertain yourself as a film lover too. We’re one of the top blogs for horror movies but we’re not the only cool cats in town. Support the genre scene by visiting our friends at HorrorTalk and UK Horror Scene for more gory goodness!

5.)  See a Theatre Show

Another fun thing you can do as a film lover is to see a theatre show. As with watching a sports game, it’s a chance to see art live. If you want to look at something full of energy, you should watch Nine Night. A play that did well throughout 2018 and is predicted to do so in 2019 is The Inheritance so try that as well.

Film is a beautiful form of entertainment that has brought joy to people globally. It has the power to lift your mood, inspire, and give you a new outlook on life. Having said that, so do these other activities suggested.

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