Developed by Fabio Ferrara
Published by Chubby Pixel
Available on Steam for Windows and Mac

SUICIDE GUY: SLEEPIN’ DEEPLY is brand new chapter in the Suicide Guy series with the original game published in 2017. In this first-person, puzzle-action game, you play a bearded bloke who’s dozed off on the couch and is unable to wake up from his vivid dreams. Just like in the movie Inception, you must help him to wake up by killing him in his dream but that’s easier said than done…

SUICIDE GUY: SLEEPIN’ DEEPLY isn’t very big on narrative. In fact, you’re thrown into levels without really much of a clue what to do, so you’re forced to look around and work out for yourself what it is you must achieve, which is, ultimately, death. In the first level, I was greeted by a green monster, looking a lot like Mikey from Monsters Inc., who’d lost his eye. Now, this lime green tentacled creature looked pretty pissed off and no doubt wanted to kill me before his solitary eyeball fell out, so I figured that I must have to use the catapult available to collect the eye and project it at the monster for it to go back in the eye-socket. To do this was a bit of trial and error, having to utilise a giant grabber that was needed to scoop up the eyeball and drop it into the catapult, but, ultimately, the goal was achieved before I had to fire a rock at it just to piss the monster off that bit more in order to be ripped to pieces.

The limbo part of the game takes place in an empty diner and is where you end up after successfully completing each level. As one level is complete, a new model will appear on one of the dining tables which you must approach to be thrown into that level. As the aim is to kill yourself, hence the name of the game, most aspects of the level involve puzzles or platform mechanics so that you can obtain the objects required so you can successfully off yourself. It can get a bit tedious and repetitive at times; I even screamed at the screen in frustration during one playthrough thanks to its physics-based levels. Despite its morbid objective, SUICIDE GUY: SLEEPIN’ DEEPLY is a very chirpy, colourful game with its dreamlike vibe and surreal visuals. Unfortunately, this style of graphics coupled with the fact it’s first person meant some of my sessions on this game prematurely ended as motion sickness quickly set in.

SUICIDE GUY: SLEEPIN’ DEEPLY is an unusual game but has its attractions, especially if you love puzzle games and like figuring stuff out for yourself rather than being told what to do. Just remember that failing is part of the game… if you have the patience.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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