The Return of Gene Hunt? Show Creators Tease Final Chapter

I adore Life on Mars and Ashes To Ashes. Even though I have all five seasons on DVD, I’ve been keenly tuning in to the Drama channel every Saturday night for a double bill of Ashes To Ashes for a couple of reasons: a) there’s sod bloody all on TV worth watching on a Saturday night, and b) it’s one of the best television series that has ever graced our TV screens, one that I can simply watch over and over without getting bored. The characters, in particular DCI Gene Hunt, are a fantastic creation with such a witty, snappy script that manages to capture the essence of the 70’s and 80’s and pits it against modern day, observing how someone from the 21st century might go about attempting to fit into the decade they’ve found themselves whilst trying to return home to present day…

After Ashes to Ashes wrapped up in 2010 with the big reveal of the true nature of DCI Gene Hunt and the gang, fans have been mourning the end of their beloved characters. However, fans may not need to be glum much longer. With the UK having been in lockdown since late March, the show’s creators, Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah, launched a live tweetalong at the beginning of April to take place every Wednesday evening using the hashtag #LifeOnMarsLive, watching an episode of Life On Mars each week, having started with Series 1, Episode 1.

During the tweetalong, where brilliant tidbits about the writing and filming of the series are revealed, the duo teased that Gene Hunt might be digging out his driving gloves once again for a final chapter.

Matthew also mentioned on Twitter that the series would be around 4-5 episodes long and set partially in the 70’s, partially in the 80’s but mostly set in an alternate modern day. Does that mean we’ll see the return of Sam, Alex, Annie, Ray, Chris and Shaz?

In addition, Matthew has also stated that they have decided on a working title and, of course, it references a David Bowie song, just like the previous two instalments. There may even be the return of the Ford Cortina and Audi Quattro, used by DCI Gene Hunt in Life on Mars and Ashes To Ashes series respectively.

Former cast member Dean Andrews (who played Ray Carling), who’s currently starring in popular, long-running soap opera Emmerdale, chipped in at the news of a final series.

So, it may take a few years before we get to see the Gene Genie kicking in a nonce again on our TV screens, but colour me excited for what incredible stories Matthew and Ashley will have up their sleeves for us, one final time.

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  1. Can it really be true? The Gene Genie is returning? How Fantastic! I was amazed to read just how many other countries re-made Life on Mars, even The Russians!
    Please, please, please bring all the characters back. It’s the perfect good news after this terrible pandemic. We’re going to love it Mr Pharoh and BBC.

    • I didn’t realise it was re-made apart from the US tbh – Russia? I bet that’s worth looking at. 🙂
      I really hope most of the cast from LoM and A2A can return for this.

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