Trailer Unleashed For Aussie Killer Croc Flick BLACK WATER: ABYSS

“Whatever you do, don’t splash – do not move a muscle.” The spine-tingling trailer for BLACK WATER: ABYSS has arrived, ahead of its theatrical release across the UK and Ireland from Friday 10th July, from Altitude.

The trailer starts with adventure-seeking couple Eric (Luke Mitchell, AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Jennifer (Jessica McNamee, THE MEG) and their friends Yolanda (Amali Golden, THE INVISIBLE MAN) and Viktor (Benjamin Hoetjes, 10×10) lowering themselves into an ominous cave in remote North Australia, with the help of the unpredictable Cash (Anthony J. Sharpe, ROBERT THE BRUCE) as their guide. But when a tropical storm floods the cave and traps them underground, they soon realise they aren’t alone in the water.

This is just a taster of the chills and spills audiences can expect from BLACK WATER: ABYSS, one of the first films to be released in UK and Irish cinemas when they re-open post-lockdown. Ideal for fans of CRAWL, THE SHALLOWS and THE DESCENT to get their creature feature fix, it will reintroduce audiences to jump-out-of-your-seat horror on the big screen.

Directed by Andrew Traucki, who made the original BLACK WATER, this standalone sequel is the perfect popcorn chomping, thrill-filled cinema visit this summer. You’ll enjoy the trailer, but dare you dive into the abyss for the full, fearsome lost in the dark experience?


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