DEATH OF THE MONTH: Log Truck Highway Pile-Up Crash in FINAL DESTINATION 2

final destination log car

The Final Destination franchise is known for its death scenes so picking one from the series to be featured in our Death of the Month was always inevitable. However, for me there is one particular death scene that has transcended the screen to make your arse twitch every time you hit the motorway… yes, I’m talking about the death scene in Final Destination 2 where highway patrol officer Burke is travelling down the highway behind a timber truck carrying logs. The chain fastening the logs together snaps and the load loosens from the back of the truck. Whilst Burke is distracted by his cup of coffee burning his leg, he looks up to find one of the stray logs bouncing off the truck onto the road and straight through his windscreen, leaving blood-splattered destruction in its wake and setting off a chain-reaction of vehicular carnage. This scene is almost be 20 years old but it still has the same traumatic effect now as it did then.

I suppose a pile-up or car crash is one of the more likely things to happen in reality with so many people on the road which is why this particular premonition hit so hard with its audience. However, the log truck scene in particular is the most memorable for me to the point where any time I find myself behind a lorry carrying timber on the back in such a way that it reminds me of this film, I always do my darn best to change lanes and overtake as quickly and safely as possible. If Final Destination has taught me anything, it’s not to tempt death!

In 2009, one lucky individual in Georgia cheated a similar fate but it would appear they rear-ended a vehicle when they got distracted rather than a lorry losing its load without warning.

Remember folks, keep your eyes on the road, keep your distance from the vehicles in front, keep your coffee with a lid on it, ensure there’s no loose bottles or objects in the footwell and stay free of drink, drugs and other distractions!

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