The Gray Man

  Gosling goes all Bourne in a frantic actioner from the Russo brothers….. With chunky dialogue like “007 was taken!“, The Gray Man, the new £200m action piece with a stellar cast from NETFLIX, may shoot high with ambition, but […]

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  A marriage counselling horror flick? Just remember to open the door for your wife…. After briefly reenergizing the found footage genre with the pretty decent The Gallows (lets not talk about the sequel), directors Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff […]

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The Innocents

  Not your typical kids flick…. Placing a child in a horror situation is a pretty terrifying watch but one that guarantees some moments of scare and blood curdling chills as the viewer has no […]

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  Its been 12 years since Andrew Traucki delivered a shark film with a delicious bite and now he’s finally back with a much anticipated follow up? Does he deliver a worthy fishy tale or […]