Plantera 2: Golden Acorn

Plantera 2: Golden Acorn
Developed and Published by VaragtP
Available on Steam for Windows PC

The cutesy, clicker gardening game is back with a sequel: PLANTERA 2: GOLDEN ACORN and once again you must plant all sorts of fruit-bearing trees and plump vegetables in order to make some money and buy even more land!

This gaming follow-up is more of what we came to expect from PLANTERA but this time there’s a greater choice when it comes to the plants, bushes and trees we can grow. Our little helpers who help harvest the crops, the blue Mellows, can also enjoy some customisation, such as sun hats and baseball caps. In comparison to the first game, there’s more butterflies fluttering around the garden to collect. We can now have our own birds in trees, trees that grow acorns, and new pests, like wild boar, are on the prowl. The water in front of the garden is utilised from the start with fish, some of which that leap out of the water. If you manage to click these jumping fish and they’re caught in the net, you get rewarded for your efforts. So there’s more options to collect money this time round and plenty more options to spend it too!

Just like its predecessor, PLANTERA 2: GOLDEN ACORN is a game that flourishes thanks to its simplicity. By clicking everything on the screen, be it crops ready for harvest or pests like the crow who’ve come to steal your fruit and veg, it’s an easy game to get involved in, whether you’re on for a short 10 minute spell or something much longer. The cute critters and adorable artwork are very heartwarming to say the least, with the game never failing to give off good vibes, even if the local predators (including Mr Fox) are trying to much your crops.

As you collect more money from your bountiful harvest, you level up and unlock other types of trees, crops, flowers, bushes, and animals for your garden which you can purchase. It’s a continuous exercise and can be very repetitive at times, which is why, to me, it’s more of a stress reliever best played in shorter bursts.

As the garden grows and you expand to cover more land, you begin to wonder just how much the garden can take and the results I’ve seen from other players is astonishing. I mean, the garden can get so ridiculously overcrowded that it appears as though the screen is drowning in fruit, veg, animals and Mellows. I’m not sure my OCD could take that, but it’s incredible nonetheless!

Sometimes you should stick with what works and developer VaragtP has done just that with PLANTERA 2: GOLDEN ACORN whilst providing an upgrade to give existing fans of the series that something extra! Now, let’s get planting!

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