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DON JON (2013)

DON JON (2013) Written and Directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt Available on Amazon Prime Instant Video Jon is a family man and takes pride in the things he owns such as his apartment, clothes and car. […]


BRICK [2005] short review

High school student Brendan Frye is living a lonely existence after breaking up with his girlfriend Emily Kostich and betraying his friend Jerr to the authorities. He receives a phone call from a terrified Emily.  […]

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UNCERTAINTY: Out Now To Rent and Buy

RATING: 15 RUNNING TIME: 101m Out Now To Rent and Buy What is it all about?                                                 [youtube][/youtube] The Hughes Verdict!                                                                  Sliding Doors was not really my cup of tea of film even […]



Dom Cobb is a thief for hire with a rare skill – he can enter people’s minds through their dreams and thereby learn their secrets. Japanese businessman Mr. Saito asks Cobb to enter the mind […]

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INCEPTION (2010) Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the lead in this mind-puzzling action-cum-sci-fi crime drama. Dom Cobb (DiCaprio) is highly skilled in the art of extraction and considered one of the best extractors around. His job […]



Reviewed By Ross Hughes And we come full circle! The unexpected success of all things Scream made the Slash genre all fashionable again in the late nineties.  Written by Halloween fan Kevin Williamson, the horror not […]