THE DEEP [1977] – short review

 While scuba-diving near shipwrecks off Bermuda, vacationing couple David Sanders and Gail Berke (Jacqueline Bisset) recover a number an ampule and a medallio. Seeking the advice of lighthouse-keeper and treasure-hunter Romer Treece on the origin […]

No Picture


FILM Warrior   CAST Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy, Jennifer Morrison, Frank Grillo, Nick Nolte, Denzel Whitaker   DIRECTED BY Gavin O’Connor   STORY Gavin O’Connor, Cliff Dorfman   RATING 15   RUNNING TIME 139 minutes […]


WARRIOR (2011)

WARRIOR (2011) Directed by Gavin O’Connor Written by Gavin O’Connor, Anthony Tabakis and Cliff Dorfman Starring Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte [youtube][/youtube] Nick Nolte plays Paddy Conlan, a recovering alcoholic father to two […]