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Now its time to move on!
Those were the words that were echoing through my mind when I sat down to watch episode 2 of the new season of Being Human.  Yes I am still feeling raw, still have pains of loss running through my body and doubt that Being Human may never recover, but the truth is no matter how much it hurts……Nina….Mitch and George have gone and we are left with Tom, Annie and a small baby who thanks to her birth, the world is going up shit creek.
After the dark vibe of Eve OF The War which followed on from a pretty intense season 3 of this hit show, it was time to sit back and regroup for an episode that reminded all viewers that while characters have gone, the show is all about relationships and being together even though those in question just happen to be a Ghost, a WereWolf and a Vampire. The contrast between this episode and last is frightening because this harked back to the days of the original series, quiet and slow and it felt like we were getting to know these characters all over again and it helped that the script by Lisa McGee was littered with humour and emotion that made you feel like those who say the show could be all set to burst look foolish with their claims.
There was not much of grieve on show from the sudden tragic end of the previous episode, Annie and Tom were trying their best with baby Eve who may or not be the saviour of all mankind.  The focus this week was switched to the three main characters we were introduced to last week, a trio that consist of a Ghost, Werewolf and a Vampire…..sound familiar?
Pear, Leo and Hal all share a life like Annie, George and Mitch once had and probably would have had if fate had not come between them.  Leo an aging werewolf on the brink of death hears the voice of an Angel who tells him to go to Barry where they will meet people who may save him and who hold the baby often spoke about in all prophecies.  It was here at first that I struggled with because they came across like ready made replacements to the people I knew and loved but soon I realised like many of you that there was a hidden layer in this plot development and once it hit, it was tragic, wonderful and really set this show onto a whole new path.
The way the plot was magically played was simply brilliant and it was nice to see our very own Annie hold her own and do more than just make a cup of tea.  If she is the only remaining link of series past then its nice to see her character become more than what she was.  Her laying down the House Rules to Tom was quite funny at the start and her ongoing battle with fellow ghost Pearl was great even though the new ghost in town won the debate hands down with the line “I have been with my line-up for 55 years and its never changed!” or something like that, a cruel line but a very knowing nod to the audience who were probably thinking the same thing.
While we now used to Tom after he appeared last year, its less pressure on that character who does not feel like a replacement to our George.  Its Hal who suffers all the pressure because we immediately want him to be as good as a character as Mitch was to the show.  Luckily for me and I hope for many of you, I instantly like him.  He has this weird and brooding quirk and is so different to our Mitch that it works wonderfully.  He carries this mysterious and brooding look and while it seems that butter would not melt in his mouth, like a switch he turns into this ferocious creature that you really do not want to cross paths with.  His scene in the pawn shop sums up perfectly why I am excited about what lays ahead especially when a bad cop Vamp found out towards the end that he is in town!
There was not much of the story arc or of the mysterious future girl (who could be Eve) in this episode even though we saw a glimpse of her on the TV towards that breathtaking climax that saw Hal hold the baby and with her uttering the words “Kill!” but no doubt that is all to come.  This episode was all about finishing the last remaining ties of old and when we watched Tom, Annie and Hal sit there on the sofa at the end, no doubt hoping that “The Real Hustle!” was on, we were reminded just why we love this show.  Its a simple concept of three supernatural figures sharing a home and having a cup of tea and despite there be two new faces staring back at us, it seemed like nothing had changed because like I said….
It was time to move on!
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