TRUE BLOOD: Season 4: Episode 3 Review.

 TRUE BLOOD: SEASON 4: Episode 3 Reviews
I am going to make a statement here and say that I very much doubt that I will hear a line again in True Blood that makes the smile on my face beam like never before and has me shaking my head and realising just why I love this show.
Lets have a recap.
There is a knock on the door, Sookie answers and spots a very pretty fairy outside begging her to return to fairyland.  Without no surprise after her last visit, Sookie turns down the offer flat but then the fairy tells her a story.  We once again have a flashback to the pilot in which we saw Sookie getting attacked by those human V Blood druggies.  Looking back at that scene makes me realise just how far we have come with these characters but like last year when we saw a different angle with Bill there, this time we see the fairy in the background and sorts of explain the situation into how Sookie actually did wrap that chain around that bastards neck.
It seems that the fairy has been there a lot for Sookie and you can sense that the heart of the woman who loves to show her lovely legs was melting and maybe she would return to that land again.  But then……..well……….Bill turns up and eats said fairy which leaves Sookie looking on and say the immortal words..
“Eric……you just ate my Fairy Godmother!”……..
And with that the show ended for another week and it again made me realise why I love this show so much!  So much happened this week that I could fill up a full page so lets just try to take it all in one gulp…..take a breather… read!
“Eric is gone in the head after that spell which has left him in a confused state.  Pam forces Sookie to make Eric live with her because “well it is his house now!”, while Pam herself tries to discover what happened to her boss which results in a showdown with Lafertete and Tara.  The once confused woman now turned Lesbian pulls out a gun to Pam and warns her to back away but unbeknown to them the real bad could be the all set to take over the body of Marnie which “spells” bad news for all at Bon Temps.  Jason whose high sex drive has been a constant running gag is now being used for a storyline purpose.  The poor guy is now being gang raped by these panther creatures which is shocking for the guy but not as disturbing as the fact that no one seems to have notice that he has vanished.  Bill is being a feckin arse in the King role, not content in another sex scene he also kills a Vamp who got caught on You Tube in what was a slight gag at these Camcorder Horrors that are doing the rounds.  The evil/or not baby is a thought still debating in my head and also we had the return of Werewolf  Alcide which probably pleased all the girls but not when they found out he was back with the bitch Debbie….who I might add, I did not recognise at first because she scrubs up really well now she is off the drugs!  Also and finally we find out that Sam’s brother is a con artist who is all set to rob a woman of her house and savings…….and well that is it!
How they manage to fit all this in with a only a 45 minute running time is bonkers and I guess that is why the show is so popular.  Already I am feeling this season and I believe its the best one yet, a show right at its peak in which its confident in its ability and what its trying to achieve.  I am loving confused Eric, I am hating King Bill who really is up himself and its great how the two characters have changed paths since the show began.
Once again Tara does nothing for me, her gun pulling and attitude is just annoying and I could not care less what happens to her at the moment.  The biggest plot that has me intrigued is the creepy dolls that keep on appearing in the house of Hoyt and Jessica.  Why do they return after being chucked?
WTF ….WTF…….
But this is the craziness of the entire thing and its the reason it is still one of the best TV shows over the last decade…..
Ross Hughes
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