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Franco’s Count Dracula is the one to see they said, it’s a more faithful version of the original story they said. Okay maybe I’m being harsh, but just maybe. While it’s true that Christopher Lee actually […]


VAMP (1986)

VAMP (1986) Directed by Richard Wenk Itching to be accepted into the luxurious frat house at their college after enduring sleepless nights in their current halls of residence, best buddies AJ and Keith agree to […]



VAMPYRES (2015) Directed by Víctor Matellano Two beautiful female vampires roam the English countryside, luring men and women to their home to satisfy their blood lust and sexual needs. When a group of friends set […]



TROPICAL VAMPIRE (2015) Directed by Marcelo Santiago Portuguese language with English subtitles Vampire Vlak is sick of his stale life under the rule of Limboman and the Limbo Corporation for whom he and his partner […]

No Picture


VAMPYROS LESBOS (1971) Directed by Jess Franco German Dubbing with English Subtitles Available on DVD and Blu-Ray from Severin Films Plagued by arousing nightmares of a sexy brunette enticing her into her bedroom, Linda Westinghouse […]

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The Stranger (2015)

THE STRANGER (2015) Directed by Guillermo Amoedo When an established director slaps their name to somebody else’s movie, via the vague term ‘presents’, it usually seems like a cynical ploy to make people part with money they normally […]