Grotesque (2009) by Pazuzu

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This is Hostel, Japanese style!!! So, needless to say, its a whole lot better and much much more violent. Grotesque is currently banned in this country, and i can’t really see it being passed. Anyway, the story couldn’t be simpler. A couple are walking down some back street when a guy gets out of his van and wacks the both of them over the head with a baton. They wake up to find themselves bound and gagged, facing each other with what looks like a surgeon looking all menacing and excited. He has brought them here so he can get sexual stimulation by seeing how far he can push them before they break. Their will to live is what excites him and so he gives them their orders.

What i love about the Japanese is that they don’t hold back on anything. After cutting a hole in the guys stomach we are given a full on sexual scene that could easily have come from a porn movie. The surgeon slowly removes the girls knickers, then opens her top and proceeds to lick her up and down whilst her boyfriend can only watch and do nothing. He then plays with her nipples and sucks them and finally he gets between her legs and forces her to orgasm, showing the boyfriend his wet hand a rubbing all over the guys face. The bloke is also turned on by this, and so the surgeon finishes him off as well, squirting all over the girl! Only in Japan eh  In flashback form, we learn the couple have only recently got together but the guy is willing to die for her. And so, with a running time on a mere 75 minutes, around an hour is taken up in torture. Limbs are cut off, eyeballs gouged out, intestines and in a wonderfully real looking scene, the poor girls nipples are cut off because she dared ask a question. This is a sick film, but it has the Japanese charm about it, and so is worryingly likeable.

There aint much of a plot to be honest, and the whole point is that this guy want his kicks out of doing these things. But, to be fair, why try to justify it, the simple fact is, there are twisted people out there who have no reason other than the fact they are fucked in the head! A bizarre ten minutes near the end show the couple on the mend and being helped by the surgeon, all a bit odd and then we lead to a climax that is both disturbing and funny and done in a way only the Japanese could do. A simple film, a simple plot and if the idea of seeing a proper torture film, not sugar coated in any way, and if you wanna see a pretty hot Japanese girl “get them out”  then this should do the trick
Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

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