Road Train (2010)

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Now, this Australian horror at least has some balls, and some rather interesting ideas. Yeh, its fair to say the Aussies are doing rather well at this funny old horror game, and they do like showing off their outback don’t they  4 friends are on a trip through the outback (of all places! ). 2 chaps, and 2 attractive ladies (always helps!). After some stunning shots of the vast openness of the outback, we head back onto the road, and into danger! Driving along at a steady old pace, a “Road Train” comes up behind them. For those of you that don’t know, a road-train is a very large truck, this one consisting of the front part, and two carriages! Its deemed a good thing if you let one of these pass you, and so our 4 friends keep to a slow pace, and allow the truck to pass. But it doesn’t want to, a decides to come up behind them, fast, and smash into the back of them, and then overtake. This infuriates the driver (as it would) and much to the other 3 friends approval, he decides to race the truck, get past it and give the fucker the finger! Easier said than done, the truck swerves all over the road, but they eventually get past, and low and behold, give him the finger! Now, the truck driver is angry, oh its all road rage going on here! The truck now smashes into the friends again, and forces them off the road and to crash!

Now things are getting started! The driver has broken a bone in his arm, which is sticking out, and the rest try to get their heads straight. Seeing the truck stopped a little way off, one lad and his blonde girlfriend go to investigate, while the other couple stay behind. We now learn that the couple staying behind, the guys are best mates, however broken arm man has slept with the other guys girlfriend, and so tensions start to run high. On the way to the truck they argue, and the desert heat kicks in and makes everyone start to lose it a bit. Before they even reach the truck, the couple argue over water and go their separate ways. Eventually they get to the truck, but things are not as they seem. Where’s the driver? Eventually they all get on the truck, but some bizarre things happen first. One lad is chased by the driver, who is shooting frantically at him. Something happens between them and he is not the same after. Broken arm man goes into one of the carriages, and comes out throwing up, and he too is now acting all weird. And the girls are just paranoid.

Driving off in the truck, at first it all seems like a jolly old laugh, but things turn darker as all 4 start acting a little different. It would also seem the truck has no petrol, however, it will work, when it feels like it. All this leads to a rather interesting mystery that unfolds at just the right speed, and really lets you in and get under your skin. This is a clever little horror, and even tho the actual story is one of the silliest and stupidest ideas for a horror i have ever heard, it actually works. The script is awful at times, but again, something about it just feels right. This is a fantastic little horror that really does give us something new and fresh. It has some gory moments, the odd scare, but it has good characters, and it doesn’t properly reveal the mystery until the very end, which is great as you’re never quite sure where this film is going. Great stuff

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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