The Objective (2008) by Pazuzu

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Now, what i love about straight to dvd stuff is every once in a while you come across a real gem of a movie that most people have probably never heard of. The Objective is one of those movies. A group of soldiers have been called in to investigate some strange goings on in the Afghanistan desert. A specialist has also been called in to monitor proceedings. There seems to be some kind of activity which has lead them to the conclusion Al Qaida are working on some new form of weaponry which could be extremely dangerous. Once they get to the desert strange things begin to happen. Once particular favourite scene of mine is when they call in for help and to be rescued because some of their group have been killed in a gun fight, a helicopter seems to appear above their heads, however they can’t see it in all the dust blowing around. It’s on their radar and everyone is frantically trying to see where it will set down when all of a sudden it just stops, all the wind stops and the noise of the chopper blades tops, everything stops and becomes deathly silent. Another is where a guy is looking through his night vision goggles and spots and old Arab man just down the hill from the group. He looks again but with his own eyes and sees the man again, but again uses the night vision goggles to get a better look, only when he looks through them again the old man is surrounded by strange men in black who all seem to be in a kind of heat haze and are a bit blurred. The man opens fire in a scene much like the scene in Predator where they all open fire and hit nothing.

The Objective is very cleverly surrounded in mystery and thankfully it never quite reveals the truth and leaves the conclusions up to you. I found this immensely satisfying as i think a proper conclusion would have ruined things. The cast are all exceptional and very believable. I often find with straight to dvd stuff that the acting, production and music can all be a bit crap, however, here it is all perfect. The film looks great and has a fantastic look and sound. Its very well paced and the story is extremely engaging. It’s directed by Daniel Myrick, one half of the Blair Witch team, and if he continues to make films as good as this then his movie directing days can only get better. This was a superb film, and you can pick it up pretty cheap. I urge everyone on here to give it a go
Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

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