Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)

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It’s hard to believe this was directed by Ti West, the guy who recently gave us the truly excellent House of the Devil. Cabin Fever 2 is a sequel bursting with ideas and style, but with no idea how to deliver them. I really enjoyed the original, it took me a second watch to really appreciate it, however, a second watch aint gonna save this one.

It picks up where the last left off, and the guy who fell into the river gets out, only to die after contaminating the water. A school bus runs him over in a pretty decent opener. We then get a brilliant cartoon explaining how this country town’s water supply gets contaminated with the virus, set to some highly pleasing, upbeat music. From then on, it’s all downhill really. The local school is putting on its prom night, and guess what; the water is heading straight for it! The cast aren’t particularly likeable to be honest, and there is a love story of the usual unpopular guy in love with the popular girl who goes out with the school tough guy. As the virus spreads, all of a sudden everyone gets it, and the prom night is quarantined, and then, pretty much after one big blood and guts orgy, it finishes! That’s pretty much it. No real memorable scenes or characters, the only thing I really liked were the cartoon introduction, and we have another cartoon set to great music to finish.

Like I said, the director has a lot of ideas, and maybe with a bigger budget, longer running time and better cast, he could’ve pulled it off. He’s proved he has some serious talent with House of the Devil, I just feel his skills were wasted here

Rating: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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