We are of peace. Always – V Season 2 Finale aired last night! Your thoughts!

V – Season 2 Finale – S02 E10 ‘Mother’s Day’



That was some finale! I’m of course talking about V, the remake of the 80’s show where a reptilian (disguised as human) alien race come to Earth to take over.
For the last 2 seasons, it’s been the same tale of Agent Erica Evans (a brill Elizabeth Mitchell) losing her son, Tyler, to evil, maniulative V Queen, Anna, who has plans for Tyler involving her daughter, Lisa. After Lisa teams up with Erica and the rest of the Fifth Column, they have a great chance of destroying Anna, especially when Diana (Jane Badler), the imprisoned mother of Anna, also wants rid of her deceptive daughter. You just about keeping up? Good.

In this explosive finale, we finally see some jaw dropping action. After a solid plan of fake kidnapping Lisa, thus enticing Anna to rescue her so Lisa can kill her backfires, after Lisa falls for her mother’s fake emotions towards her, believing Anna when she says she wants to live in peace with human race. This is where everything goes to pot.

Diana, with the help of Joshua and Ryan, addresses her children and declares how Anna is detroying the V race and how they should embrace emotions and live side by side with humans. As her children bow before her, she is staked through the heart by daughter Anna’s tail. Anna watches with glee as her mother dies and reinforces the fact that she is Queen and the humans will be eradicated to all her subjects.
Ryan quickly decides to get off the ship as fast as possible and goes to get his daughter, Amy. However the hybrid child, poisoned by Anna’s lies, dislikes her father and his actions and quickly puts an end to his plans by snapping his neck with her reptilian tail. OUCH! That’s 2 good V’s down!

Back on Earth, Erica panics and calls Tyler and tells him everything about the V’s. Skeptical, he says he needs to hear it from Lisa himself. After ending the call, she has a hood put over her head and is abducted. She is tied in a dark room where a man named Lars Tremont reveals himself as the Head of the Project Ares. He shows her around an underground centre where the world’s leading army and security people are tracking the V’s, as like Erica, they know they are not of peace, always. Erica spots her FBI colleagues and is at peace knowing there is still a chance to defeat the V’s. However, all is not well on the New York mothership…

After betraying her mother, Lisa is imprisoned in the dungeon her grandmother Diana was kept, and made to watch a screen, which shows live footage of the newly born V offspring in identical skin to Lisa. Wearing a silk dressing gown, Lisa-Clone welcomes a concerned Tyler into her room. Tyler voices his concerns but she dispells them. Lisa-Clone gets hot and steamy with Tyler, as they consummate their relationship as the Real Lisa is painfully forced to watch the guy she loves having sex with an imposter. Post-coitus, Lisa is horrified as she witnesses Fake-Lisa reveal her reptilian jaws and takes a chunk out of Tyler’s neck, killing him almost instantly. Hit 3!

The finale ends as Ryan’s daughter Amy helps Anna bliss the whole of humanity, with an untouched Project Ares team and Erica, unaware of the fate of her son.

Having these deaths of 3 main characters really blows this series to new levels. We also have the problem of a missing Kyle Hobbs, Chad Decker who has been summoned by Anna after discovering he was part of the Lisa kidnapping and Father Jack Landry being blissed. This episode is the drive we’ve needed as tv viewing public.

My guess for season 3 is that hybrid kid, Amy, will become a more powerful force than Anna herself. It would be destroying for whichever side Amy is opposed to, so Amy fights for the V’s, humanity has no chance. Clone-Lisa may or may not produce eggs (that was the intention from the mating) but if she does, will they be powerful like Amy and will Erica be able to rescue them and use them to her advantage? How will Lisa escape? With Joshua’s memories back and him Fifth Column again, hopefully he could have a hand in her rescue. But what will happen when Erica finds out about Tyler. All sorts of crazy stuff is gonna happen.  What do you think?

Roll on Season 3!!

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