Grimm Up North 3: Competitions Galore at this Year’s Film Festival at AMC Cinema, Manchester

Grimm Up North have an amazing selection of competitions and prizes to whet your appetite this year. Each screening at the festival has an associated competition.

The prizes are listed below. To enter, all you have to do is buy a ticket for that particular screening and drop your name into the competition box on entry. Winners will be announced and receive prizes at the end of each screening. (Festival pass holders are automatically eligible for each competition but will have to attend associated screening to be in with a chance of winning.) For more info on Grimm Up North, visit

Thursday 6th October

RETREAT Gala Screening: 20.00-21.50

Competition Prize: Selection of Vertigo DVDs.

Prizes courtesy of Vertigo Films.


Friday 7th October.

THE DEAD ZONE Screening time: 13:15 – 15.20

Competition Prize: DARK SOULS Game for the PS3.

Prize courtesy of: Namco Games.


BLACK & BLUE PRESENTATION + Q & A Event time: 15:45 – 17:05

Competition prize: STALKER movie poster signed by the cast and crew and a copy of DEAD CERT on DVD.

Prizes Courtesy of: Black and Blue films and Momentum Pictures


URBAN EXPLORER 17:25 – 19:15

Competition Prize: Three T-shirts. Amity Island resort (Jaws). Louis Italian American

Restaurant (The Godfather) and Pescadero State Hospital (Terminator)

Prizes courtesy of: Last Exit to Nowhere


STALKER 19:55 – 21.40

Competition Prize: STALKER Quad poster signed by cast and crew and a copy of DEAD CERT on DVD.

Prizes courtesy of: Black and Blue films. and Momentum Pictures


KIDNAPPED 22:00 – 23:45

Competition Prize: Editions 1-7 of Scream magazine.

Prizes courtesy of: Scream magazine


ADAM CHAPLIN 00:10 – 01:55

Competition Prize: 2 x Zombie aid T-shirts.

Choose from The Strolling Bones, Scabby Road, Zombie Queen, Zompranos, Only Fools and Corpses.

Prizes courtesy of: Zombie aid


Saturday 8th October

BY DAY AND BY NIGHT 10:45 – 12:40

Competition Prize: SAW 1-7 Bluray box set.

Prize courtesy of: Lionsgate frightclub.


HALLOWEEN 3 13:00 – 15:00

Competition Prize: Halloween original theatrical poster. Halloween comic book. Plus more.

Prizes Courtesy of: Stef Hutchinson



Competition Prize: SAW 1-6 DVD box set. Saw 5 T-shirt and Quad poster.

Prizes Courtesy of: Lionsgate Frightclub




THE WOMAN 17:40 – 19:40

Competition Prize: THE WOMAN Quad poster signed by Pollyanna McIntosh, star of the movie, plus ATROCIOUS and SIEGE OF THE DEAD on DVD.

Prizes Courtesy of: Revolver Entertainment.


THE REVEREND 20:00 – 22:00

Doug Bradley (Pinhead from HELLRAISER) is one of the stars of THE REVEREND.

Competition Prize: Hellraiser Puzzle box. Hellraiser cardboard (Make yourself) Puzzle box

signed by Cenobite actors: Doug Bradley, Simon Bamford and Nicholas Vince. Puzzle box coasters.

Prizes courtesy of: The Monster Store.


REVENGE: A LOVE STORY 22:15 – 00:05

Competition Prize: A selection of Asian Extreme DVDs including: HANSEL & GRETEL, THE FOX FAMILY, BIG TITS ZOMBIES (in 3D) and THE DETECTIVE.

Prizes courtesy of: Terracotta films.



DEADHEADS 00:25 – 02:20

Competition Prize: A selection of DVDs from G2 pictures including: ZOMBIE VIRUS ON MULBERRY STREET, PIG HUNT & NECROMENTIA.

Prizes courtesy of: G2 Pictures



Sunday 9th October



Competition Prize: Arkham Horror (A Call of Cthulhu) board game. Whisperer in Darkness film poster.
Prizes courtesy of: Travelling Man and the HP Lovecraft Historical Society.


THE DEAD 13:50 – 15:40

Competition Prize: HATER (By David Moody) T-shirt. Plus a Signed copies of HATER and DOG BLOOD.

Prizes courtesy of: David Moody


THE DIVIDE 16:00 – 18:10

Competition Prize: A selection of DVDs from Momentum Pictures, including WAKEWOOD, THE HORDE, INSIDIOUS, THE MESSENGERS, DAMNED BY DAWN and OUTCAST.

Prizes courtesy of: Momentum Pictures


Competition Prize: DARK SOULS game for the Xbox 360.

Prizes courtesy of: Namco games


THE WICKER TREE 21:10 – 23:00

Competition Prize: A selection of films from Anchorbay distributors.

Prizes courtesy of: Anchorbay

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