Tom Six’ controversial sequel to THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE which was initially banned by the BBFC, will fill the midnight slot at Film4 FrightFest’s Halloween all-nighter at the Vue Cinema in London’s Leicester Square on Sat October 29.

 Tom Six said today: “I am insanely happy I can now show my beautiful deformed baby to the FrightFest audience”.

 Tom and producer Ilona Six will be attending, as will some of the cast.

 Alan Jones, FrightFest co-director, commented: “We’re delighted to be hosting the UK premiere of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II (FULL SEQUENCE). FrightFest world premiered the original film also directed by Tom Six, and this sequel is exactly the sort of genre movie FrightFest is world famous for championing: it’s surprising, shocking, satirical, sobering and sensational. Horror movies rarely come as controversial as Six’ latest assault on the senses and we cannot wait to let our audience share its complex cleverness and introduce them to as many cast and crew members as we can. Our grateful thanks go to Eureka Entertainment for allowing us to show the movie”.

 Ian Sadler, sales director for Eureka Entertainment added: Eureka Entertainment, and Bounty Films (Australia), are extremely excited to be able to present The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) at FRIGHTFEST.  Fans of the first film are in for a fun-filled, stomach churning, seat squirming treat of the most nauseous.  Tom Six has delivered us a villain who in years to come will be revered alongside Freddie and Jason.  The “silence of the banned”?  No more.  Thank you BBFC”.

 Tickets for the all-nighter cost £50 and are currently on sale. To book call 08712 240 240 or go online

 Tickets can also be bought at the cinema

 For full programme & timetable log onto

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