The Violent Kind (2010)

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The Violent Kind (2010)

(18) Running time: 85 minutes

Director: Mitchell Altieri, Phil Flores (AKA The Butcher Brothers)

Writers: Phil Flores, Mitchell Altieri, Adam Weis

Starring: Cory Knauf, Taylor Cole, Bret Roberts, Christina McDowell, Tiffany Shepis, Nick Tagas, Joe Egender

Reviewed by: Matt Wavish, official HCF critic

The Butcher Brothers were responsible for a rather impressive little horror called The Hamiltons, and with The Violent Kind they deliver another gore soaked tale of mayhem, only this time they have ideas literally bursting to get out. The Violent Kind is not an easy film to categorise, it is essentially horror, but there are all sorts of great things going on here and the film itself is like three or four different films all rolled into one. The film starts as a simple ‘get to know the characters’ tale as we meet a gang of bikers hanging around outside a house while their leader has sex with a very attractive young lady inside. The gang don’t look particularly scary at this point, and it is not until the girls massive skin head boyfriend turns up that we soon realise this biker gang are not the most approachable of sorts. They proceed to beat up the skin head and his mate in a shocking scene of violence, now we truly know our main characters and we are in the realms of following a group of not all that pleasant characters, which essentially makes the later parts of the film a lot more shocking.

A party is organised, the gang are all there and it is here things turn a little strange, but that’s not after lots of drinking and sex and girls (very attractive I might add) walking around in tight dresses and short skirts. The film is very pleasing on the eye I can tell you, with cast members like Taylor Cole, Christina McDowell and Tiffany Shepis all looking mighty fine on screen. Shepis plays Michelle and is the source of the films sudden change in direction as she turns up possessed and screaming while covered in blood. We suddenly shift gear from a thuggery movie to the supernatural, and the Butcher Brothers talent shines through as the gang try to control the possessed girl and figure out what the Hell is going on. There are many scenes of the girl attacking, and the gang trying to save each other, and the horror elements of these mid film scenes are perfectly delivered and the sudden jolt in the films direction is welcome and unexpected. Things turn even weirder asa  group of bizarre young men and women turn up, dressed as if they were still living in the 50’s and they seem to have no issue with pain, they just don’t appear to feel it. They take the gang hostage and we enter a sort of torture porn mode as the new gang threaten the bikers and ask for their ‘property’ back.

I will not delve further into the story, but the final thirty odd minutes really change the film again into yet another direction as this new gang take hold of the film, and actor Joe Egender as Vernon literally steals the show. He is an awesome presence and plays his role perfectly, menacingly and yet appears to be having the time of his life. In the later stages the film offers up surprises in all shape and forms, from people being killed off to the final five minutes and utter weirdness. The cast all do an exceptional job and seem to fit their parts down to the ground, and the production values of the film are surprisingly very very good. Much of the music is used to brilliant effect and help to create a real great mood and atmosphere which is full of menace and violence.  The special effects look very good indeed, and if it is blood you’re after, then that is what you’re going to get, there’s tons of the stuff,there are sickening stabbings, flsh being ripped with bare hands, there is even spontaneous combustion! There is tons of flesh on show from the gorgeous girls too, and thankfully the girls play the victims very well and do not becoming overly annoying, as is usually the case. Want lesbians, there’s even a few brief moments of that as well! In case you hadn’t noticed, The Violent Kind literally has just about everything you could wish to see from a horror, and it relishes in its mayhem. The Violent Kind is a real crowd pleaser, a horror clearly made by people who adore the genre, and clearly know how to give the fans exactly what they want!

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

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