American Horror Story Episode 8: “Rubber Man” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 8 “Rubber Man” kicks off and we finally find out who he is!! Yay!! It starts off in the past again, but this time by only 6 months! The story of the rubber suit is explained, as it was Chad who bought it in a naughty sex shop after wanting to put the chemistry back in his relationship with Patrick, after finding out that Patrick had been exploring some hardcore stuff on the internet!! He approaches Patrick wearing the suit, but it does little for Patrick as he tells Chad that he can’t stand rubber, and he’s more into leather!!! Ha!! You can’t help but feel sorry for Chad as he was trying! Tate then got a hold of the suit and killed both Chad and Patrick, wanting them to move on so a new family could move in, one that might have a baby which he would give to Nora. Chad and Patrick’s gruesome murder is played out and Tate leaves the murder scene, leaving their gun behind to make it look like a murder/suicide incident!


Back to the present day and good ole Hayden is back, stirring up trouble for Vivien. She befriends Nora and persuades her that Vivien is greedy for already having one child, and now that she’s having twins, Hayden tells Nora that they can have a baby each!! Hayden then tries to drive Vivien insane by making things move randomly, and just generally trying to freak her out, and she succeeds!! However, Moira takes a dislike to Hayden and tries to warn Vivien that the house is haunted and that she must leave while she still can. Totally spooked, Vivien grabs Violet and tries to leave the house. As they get into the car, the murdering ghosts from episode 2 appear in the back seat, making Vivien and Violet run back into the house!

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for and we are taken back to the scene where Vivien was seen making love to the mysterious man in a rubber suit, although she thought it was Ben, and it is revealed that …….. (drum roll)….. Tate is the rubber man!!!

Vivien recounts what had just happened to Ben and he thinks she’s gone mad and asks Violet to come downstairs so she can tell Ben that it did happen. However, Tate pleads with Violet not to tell them about the ghosts. Violet then lies to Ben in front of Vivien, telling him that nothing happened and that Vivien was just upset, giving Ben more fuel that his wife is going insane, and threatens legal action if she leaves the house, thinking that she’s trying to take his family away from him.

During a visit from Marcy, the estate agent, after finding out from a previous episode that Marcy carries a gun round with her, Vivien steals the gun when she’s not looking.

Meanwhile, Hayden, in a seductive manner, convinces Tate that he needs to attack Vivien in order to push her over the edge. However, during the attack, Vivien gets the gun out, and as Ben explodes into the room after hearing the racket, Vivien shoots him, thinking he is the attacker. Ben acts as some sort of psychologist in a really leachy manner and drugs Vivien as he believes she is ill. As Vivien also pressed her panic button during the attack, Luke, the security officer turns up, much to Ben’s frustration!! Vivien, in an emotional breakdown, is committed and taken away! I was sort of thinking at this point, surely it’s a good thing that Vivien is out of the house, but then if she is committed, the babies would still come back to the house as Ben and Violet would still be living there. You can also see the guilt on Violet’s face as well while she watches her mother being taken away, and Tate comforts her, telling her he’ll always be there for her!!! 

This episode answered a lot of questions and it seems that we are definitely getting to the crux of the issue – the house is totally obsessed with children. The story gets deeper as we see Tate telling Nora Montgomery that he will get her the baby she always wanted! And the obsession of Hayden wanted to steal the babies, but Moira and Constance wanting to protect the babies. The revelation of the rubber man was also well played out, particularly the brutality ofChadand Patrick’s murders. Ghosts are becoming more and more visible, and Hayden’s explanation that ghosts can come and go as they please and become poltergeists when they fancy a bit of amusement. You can’t help feel that the climax is coming along really nicely. Let’s just hope when it goes boom, that it delivers and doesn’t fade into non-existence and opt for the naff ending!!!!

By Kirsty Wavish

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