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Children Of The Corn: Genesis
Tim Rock, Kelen Coleman, Barbara Nedeljakova, Billy Drago
Joel Soisson



What is it all about?
Well it has nothing to do with Children and that corn….so what the heck is this film?
Oh dear me……..
I know many are expecting a bad review of the new Children Of The Corn film which is now on I believe is on the 8th sequel of a long running franchise that as been on the straight to Video/DVD path ever since the original film.  Yes this review is not going offer much praise to the film that has come a long way since we saw Sarah Conner take some time off from fighting those damn Robots to battle some mad kids who just love their corn too much.  Yes the titled Genesis is not that good but if you have seen the dire re-make of the original from a few years back then its a marginal improvement to what we saw then.
For me to say that there was a lot of ambition to get the franchise back on track and please what is left of the dwindling fan base then I would be lying.  You see this follows the Hellraiser: Revelations sequel in that it was made in a rush so that the Dimension Studio could keep the rights and damn you can tell.  There is nothing in this film that will delight, scare or grip you, I have to be honest again and say that its not even a horror film because the lack of blood and kills are kept to the bare minimal and for an hour of an 90 minute running time nothing at all happens. 
Genesis kicks off with the old formula of kids acting crazy.  Its 1974 and a  young soldier returns home to find his entire family killed by these blood thirsty kids and just as we see the first hint of terror the film skips to present day where we meet Tim (Tim Rock) and Allie (Kelen Coleman) who are driving on an open stretch road until the usual horror film situation in which their car breaks down miles from anywhere.  Now before I carry on, what the heck the solider in 1974 had to do with the entire plot is something I missed and I only remembered that moment when I was just looking at my notes.  Maybe they do mention why the two stories are linked but the entire boredom I was suffering from did make attention drift a bit.
The couple like my attention, wandered around for a while before they come across a house that if they had watched any horror film would tell them “to keep away!”.  Inside is Billy Drago and his wife who invite them in, the couple can not find a breakdown service until the next day, the couple invite them to stay-even though the wife (Barbara Nedeljakova)  tries to fuck the husband while he is on the phone- a laughable scene by the way because his girlfriend is virtually a foot away from him.
The couple stay over the night, they hear strange whispers which they just ignore (like you do) and then Allie feels the need to go and take a walk and comes across a locked shed where she can hear a young child from inside.  She goes back in to tell Tim and………..well nothing.  The couple bicker and argue, Drago acts all full of menace but then does nothing but wait around and that’s it…..seriously I am not taking the piss here but I am sure the writers are.
Now there have been some really bad sequels to this franchise but I will stick up for every single one and say that it does what the fans want.  I actually thought Children Of The Corn 7: Revelation was actually a pretty decent flick and the reason why so many was made is because the franchise done well in sales because fans bought or rented every single one.
Genesis could be the one that ends the series. 
It does nothing to please the fans because there is nothing in the film that calls out to it being a Children Of The Corn flick.  There is no children, there is no corn and worse of all hardly any slash moments so what are fans actually getting?  A talkie flick that tries to be clever by offering a slight little twist at the end that does not work at all.  Yes  writer/director Joel Soisson (Pulse 2 Highlander 4) does well with his limited budget but if he wants to waste the entire money on a Bad Boys 2 style set-piece then more fool him.  I am telling you, I and may other fans could come up with a better idea than what we was offered here.  All you need is a bunch of creepy looking kids and a field of corn……look at last years Husk which served up a great little treat at times and shows that a franchise like Children Of The Corn can still work.
Sadly Genesis fails to tick the boxes that is required and all we left with is a film pretending to be a Corn flick but the truth of it all, is nothing like the films before. 
At least its better than the re-make though….
                                                                        Rating: ★☆☆☆☆
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