Terra Nova: Episode’s 12 & 13 – ‘Occupation’ & ‘Resistance’ The Finale (contains spoilers)

Terra Nova: Episode 12 & 13 – ‘Occupation’ & ‘Resistance’

Creators: Greg Silverstein, Kelly Marcel

Director: Jon Cassar

Writers: Brynn Malone, Barbara Marshall, Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett

Starring: Shelly Conn, Jason O’mara, Landon Liboiron, Naomi Scott, Stephen Lang

Reviewed by: Matt Wavish, official HCF critic

So here it is, the big finale of the show which promised dinosaurs but failed to deliver them, the show that seemed to be failing after some disastrous early episodes. Terra Nova was all set to completely flop, it’s downfall was imminent and many people, including myself, were ready to give in. Just one more episode, I will give it one more episode and then that’s it, I’ve had it! I said this around about episode five, and along came episode six which was a massive improvement on what had come before. Terra Nova continued to improve with each episode, and as the show headed towards a massive finale spread over two episodes, viewers were hoping for a great finish. Did the show manage to deliver on what we all hoped it would? Hell yeah, and as an added bonus we finally get to see a T-Rex on the rampage. Thank you Terra Nova for a well made and hugely satisfying finish to what was a ropey series that somehow managed to get better and better as it went on.

The episode opens with Terra Nova getting set for the 11th Pilgrimage, people will be coming from the future, and the worrying thing is that thanks to Taylor’s son Lucas, some nasty soldiers may also be on their way. Hungry for Terra Nova’s natural resources, Taylor is taking no chances and will not allow his beloved colony to be destroyed by money hungry bastards from 2149. Before we head to the portal there is just enough time for a brief moment of emotions from the Shannon family as they all have their say as to what they would like to do, and poor of Josh wants to be at the portal in the hope girlfriend from the future Kara has managed to get through. It feels like a real event is about to unfold, and it does as we head to the portal for one of Terra Nova’s most tense moments. Taylor, Jim and the gang are all their to welcome the 11th Pilgrimage, and all are on their guard in case unwanted soldiers come through. Kara arrives, Jim takes her in his arms, everyone is happy and suddenly a suicide bomber comes through the portal, catches everyone off guard and destroys the portal and injures a number of Taylor’s men. Trouble, it would seem, has started…

What actually happened is that soldiers from the future planned this, opened another portal closer to Terra Nova and blasted their way in, unexpectedly while Taylor and his men were miles away at the other portal. Jim wakes up in hospital after being out cold for three days, and Taylor is nowhere to be found. Terra Nova is over-run by soldiers, and Jim soon learns that brave Washington fought as hard as she could, and after 26 of Taylor’s men dying, she eventually gave in to the onslaught. Washington hasn’t had many moments to shine, but here she really grows as a character, which means her ultimate sacrifice later on is all the more heartbreaking. Jim also learns that the soldiers could be here a lot longer than expected, as the damaged portal is being fixed by none other than Dr Malcolm. I have never been 100% sure of Malcolm, and never sure just who’s side he was really on, but thankfully here he proves his allegiance is most definitely with Taylor, Terra Nova and, oddly enough, Jim. Malcolm is desperately dragging out the fixing process in the hope someone can find Taylor and stop all this madness.

Jim discusses a plan with Washington, however luck is on their side as a bullet found in a body has engravings on it, co-ordinates to Taylor’s whereabouts. Jim comes close to being caught by Lucas and the soldiers, but cleverly makes out he is suffering from concussion and he has no idea who anyone is. Clever man, but he soon finds a way to get out of Terra Nova, find Taylor and the battle begins. Mira is also at Terra Nova, with the promise of getting home to her daughter. However, when she asks the new commander how soon it will be before she can get home, she is met with hostility, and the look on her face hints, once again, that if the series continues she may join forces with Taylor. Lucas, also at Terra Nova, becomes even more vile by the minute, and proves to be an outstanding bad guy. One scene see’s him bully Skye, claiming they are now brother and sister. A later scene in Boylan’s bar see’s Lucas not only taunt Josh, but behave inappropriately toward Skye in front of him, something which pushes Josh over the edge. Lucas laughs at the fact Josh’s girlfriend died on the way through the portal, and Josh begins fighting with Lucas. It was a real fists in the air moment as I couldn’t help but cheer Josh on, but sadly things turn out bad, and Jim getting involved only makes things worse. My anger was that not one of the locals did anything to help.

We eventually leave the colony and follow Jim as he escapes to find Taylor. En route, he witnesses exactly what the soldiers from the future have in store as one cold hearted man shoots a defenceless Dinosaur (see, there are some in this episode) and then discuss how they plan to wipe out all wildlife and foliage in order to get to the resources in the ground. Terra Nova will be destroyed, and Jim MUST find Taylor. You can guess how this plays out, Jim finds Taylor, who in turn has a plan and the much anticipated battle between Father and Son takes place. I must say, there were actually a few surprises as Taylor Senior and Taylor Junior squared up to each other, and the show almost had me fooled that Lucas, deep down was a nice person. In an earlier conversation with Jim, Lucas pours his heart out, and for the briefest of moments you feel sorry for the crazy sod. The final half is not without emotion as well, as poor old Washington does something truly heroic in order for the Shannon family to escape, and there is a wonderful moment of calm as Zoe sits with Taylor, talks and then gives him a hug.

Jim heads off to the future, followed by a T-Rex which leads to some great action scenes. The dinosaur, yet again, looks a bit shit, but God dammit we’ve been crying out to see them so here they are! On his way back, the future ( Hope Plaza) gets destroyed, leaving not only the soldiers and the colony of Terra Nova, but also the Sixers stranded for good. How will Mira take this? These questions will be answered, if the show is allowed a second series. Other questions rise up from the happy ending. As Taylor stands back in command of his beloved colony, word gets round that the Sixers and soldiers are heading to the Badlands, and a mysterious box is discovered. The box is something which was sent from Hope Plaza before it was destroyed, it contains the brow of a ship, something which worries Taylor as he asks the question “if this could get through, it makes you wonder what else got through” Creepy music plays out as the camera zooms in on the spooky looking piece of wood carved out as a woman. There is a hint of darker times ahead, a promise of another series which should see the show build on the strengths it finally produced in the later episodes. There really are some great characters here and, forgetting the fact that Dinosaurs were actually supposed to be in it, Terra Nova turned out to be a highly enjoyable show. A final meteor shower almost makes you feel sad that the show failed so badly, and that a second season could be hard to get greenlit. We can only wait, and hope season two does get made, and the show can get a second chance.


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