GRIMM: Season 1: Episode 2 Review

GRIMM: Series 1-Episode 2 Review: Bears Will Bears

In last week’s pilot, we saw a girl jogging, wearing a red hoodie and then getting attacked by what seemed like a Wolf, so going by premise of Grimm that the show is about Fairy Tales, I take a guess and say that it was Little Red Riding Hood they were riffing on.
This week we have the title Bears Will Be Bears….which sees a couple talk a walk in a woods and unlike all loved up couple would do, instead of putting down a blanket and well, kiss a lot, they decide to break into a house where they tuck in the food and wine.  Of course they nice unwelcome visit is spoilt by the return of three bears who shout “Now who has been eating my porridge?”, and then they beat the shit out of the thick duo.  Of course I made this bit up, but some thing does come home, the girl escapes, only to see someone attack her boyfriend. Was it bear?  Did they eat some Porridge?  Is her name Goldilocks?
Anyway to get the new modern take of the story of the three bears, our Nick takes on the job and discovers its a new Grimm case thanks to one of his “visions” and with that he needs the help of Creature turned good Eddie and soon we have a formula set in stone after two episodes.
I really hope that Grimm begins to improve soon because I am just not getting it at the moment.  I am not saying its confusing or even surreal, its just I am finding it rather too bland to get excited about.  I like the idea of having different slants on well known Fairy Tales and I suppose Goldilocks And The Three Bears is a great second story to go with for the second episode, but like I said, its offering nothing new to a genre well served in recent years.
This was a minor improvement on last weeks premiere, the story was more darker and enjoyable and while Nick is still yet to grow on me, I do like Eddie who once again stole the entire show.  Its nice to see Silas Weir Mitchell in a role like this because he really does deserve to be in the starlight for once after years of minor roles in TV hits like Prison Break and with the feedback from fans of this show showing huge support for his character, I guess we will be seeing more of him in episodes to come.
There are a few plot threads that do not seem to work.  Nick’s cop partner Hank seems lost at times, especially when the dynamic between Eddie and Nick is so much better and I hope we get more meat on the bone of his character.  Nick’s girlfriend in particular is also wasted, I mean why is she there at all apart from looking pretty.  Its always a sign that what should be a pivotal character is sidelined and its usually revealed that they are the “big bad guy!” in a huge twist but that has been done to death so many times and I really hope that Grimm is far to clever to go down that route.  But at the moment she is just someone there who is not moving the story forward and is becoming a forgettable character, I mean she must be there for a reason other wise it would have been better to have made Nick a single person!
I must be honest and say I did like the outcome of Aunt Marie who showed some great fighting skills before eventually dying.  I knew she would bite the bullet one day but did not expect it to be after two episodes and so this was a welcome suprise and hopefully a sign that once the show grows, so does the confidence of the writers!
I am sticking with the show for now in hope really that it begins to pick up.  What with X Files, Buffy, Angel and now Supernatural stealing a march in this genre, I really wanted to Grimm to offer a different slant to proceedings, but it seems that its going to be like them all- a “creature of the week!” saga with the story arc split into some episodes before of course the eventual climatic build up!
Its a well known basic formula and while it may appeal to some people, for this TV Viewer, I am hoping for something else!
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