GRIMM: Season One: Episode 3 Review


  GRIMM: Series 1-Episode 3 REVIEW!

Grimm is not getting any better but its not getting worse either.  Its stuck between this level of me wanting to give up and also hoping that if I stay with it then it may get better. 
Maybe that is why my reviews of this show seem to be getting shorter by each week, but then when the material on offer coming from the screen is thin, how can I write a lot, I mean if I was enjoying this show then I could actually fill the review with praise but I am not, same as if I was disliking the show I be could be spouting venom with each sentence but the show is not filling me full of rage, so what do I write about?
We move away from the likes of Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and into the shape of bees, now every time I think of those little things it reminds me of Mr Cage in that dire film but thank feck there is no Wicker Man in sight in this episode.  We start with a bunch of people going to work and when everyone gets off the train at the last stop, a woman has been found dead. It turns out that this poor victim has died from an allergic reaction to a bee sting.  Now I know what you are thinking “I am sure this was done in The X Files” and you may be right because where is Mulder and Scully especially when its discovered that the victim has more bee venom than what a bee would naturally produce.
Instead of those 90’s classic duo we get Nick and Hank on the case and soon as always Nick discovers that this is a Grimm case and even with only the third episode in I feel a repetitive tone developing.
Now anyone that can tell me the fairytale that this story is inspired on then please send me a postcode because I was rattling my brain and while it was all about creatures and things that go buzz in the night it was very well……..meh!.  

Nick is finally growing on me but I have to say very slowly and I do find myself liking Hank more and this episode we saw less of Eddie which is a not a good thing, because lets be honest here, he is the best character of the show and I would rather see him more than the totally useless character of Juliette who is beginning to really irritate me.  At the moment she serves no purpose to the story, she does not drive the story forward and I am still waiting for the shock plot twist concerning her,  which must happen, it must?

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