TRUE BLOOD: SEASON 4. Episode 1&2 Reviews….Hughesy Eye On The Telly Special

   TRUE BLOOD: SEASON 4: Episode 1&2 Reviews.
ITS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My guilty pleasure, the show that I am totally hooked on thanks to its gore, sex, nudity and also bonkers supernatural storylines is back for its long waited 4th season and oh my… things have changed.
When we were last in Bon Temps….Sookie Stackhouse finally broke up with Bill the Vamp, discovered she was a fairy and went off to Neverland….a King was buried in cement for the rest of his life, shape shifter Sam may have shot dead his long lost brother and also the poor suffering but gorgeous Tara left town for good.  We start Season 4 with Sookie in Fairyland and even bumps into that boy from season two (nice touch that) and while the place seemed lovely and full of glow, you just knew that Sookie would not be sticking there for long.  She bumps into her long dead Granddad who is stunned to see her, more so because he believes that the last time he saw Sookie was only two weeks ago, when she was a child and with that the credits rolled and “Bad Things” blared from the TV screen.
I still get a glowing feeling when the theme starts, its a wonderful song that signals the ride that you the viewer are all set to go though.
We end up back in Fairyland in which its soon revealed that these fairies are not exactly Tinkerbells but evil ugly creatures who want to close the divide to the human world or something like that, Sookie and Granddad escape and arrive back on planet Earth, Granddad dies, Sookie arrives home and sees brother Jason dressed like a policeman, Sookie asks “why are you dressed like that?” in which Jason replies “Because I am a cop and you have been missing for a year.”
Phew…..All that in the first fifteen minutes and we still yet to see Bill and Eric.
So what the heck as happened in Bon Temps in a year.  Well after the antics of that King on live TV from the previous season the vampires are trying to reach out to the community.  Bill despite being a suspect in the murder of Sookie, (well she was missing) is king of Louisiana and is having sex with the lawyer Portia.  He has also really pissed off a witch group (this season’s bad by the look of it) in which Lafayette attends and also he once again displays his love for Sookie.
Andy is addicted to V.  Tara is now a cage fighting Lesbian….Hoyt and Jessica are still living together but suffering from young love blues while Jason is still involved with the people at Hotspot even though at the climax we saw him locked in a refrigerator begging for help that had me screaming “ungrateful bastards” and also but finally the bastard offspring of the serial killer from the first season loves to rip heads off dolls….like father like son then.
For a season opener it was a breathtaking start, relentless pace and enough new plot threads to start the new year and while newcomers to the show will be lost by the maze of characters, for the fanbase, this was TV FANGTASTIC………..

Episode 2 arrived with the resolution of the last episode cliff hanger which of course is now the usual routine of all True Blood episodes and poor helpless Jason who no matter what his good intentions were,  now found himself tied to a bed, a prisoner to all those he tried to help.  In a bonkers twist that only True Blood is capable of,  Crystal returns to seek havoc and wants a baby by Jason and soon not only is she and her oddball of a brother/boyfriend or whatever the feck he is planning to rape our Jason, but also want to turn him into one of these shiftshaper things and to do that they have to eat him for a bit…..
Oh True Blood I feckin love you……
The pace of the first two episodes is somewhat overwhelming, in a good way of course but damn this is relentless TV and already the big bad of this season as shown their hand in the look of a coven of Witches who not only can bring a parrot back to life and have dragged poor old Lafayette into the mix, but they have also now turned our poor old Eric into a walking Zombie, a guy who has no clue who is and by the end of the episode looked as if he was all set to eat our lovely Sookie.
We had a brief history lesson in which we saw Bill back in 80’s London and how he somehow become a King, to the shock of Sookie who also found him in the arms of another woman, well you have been gone for a year love, while poor Arlene suffered a bloody eye from her demented baby or is it all in her mind.
So much was going on that it was hard to keep up especially with the continuing decline of the relationship between Hoyt and Jessica but while it seems I may be praising the start I do have some minor grumbles.  First of all it seems the bad ass Sam we saw coming to the fore at the end of the last season is now back in his box which disappoints me and I really am not enticed by his new found shift-changer club storyline, while poor old Tara seems like the odd one out.  I really do not care that she is now a MMA Cage fighter lesbian and she does seem a bit lost at the moment because it seems everyone as moved forward story wise while hers as stalled!
Grumbles aside, its great to see a show now full of confidence and at its peak and the first two episodes have been True Blood at its very best and we can only live in hope that this season can be the best yet….
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