TRUE BLOOD: Season 4: Episode 4 Review

 TRUE BLOOD: SEASON 4: Episode 4 Reviews
I am just loving, and I mean loving this season of True Blood!  The stunning pace of the whole episodes are breathtaking and I am sitting here waiting for the lull to start and so far four episodes in, well, I am panting for breath!  The show is right at the peak of its powers, every season of a popular show gets one, think back to day 5 of 24, season 2 of Lost and numerous others. What we are witnessing here is everyone on form, from the writers to the stars and at the moment the one person that is really stealing the show is super Eric who I am loving every scene he is in. 
We ended last week with Eric eating Sookie’s Fairy Godmother and yes I do have that line again ringing through my mind.  Well thanks to the blood of the said Fairy, our Eric was drunk and well it was a delight to see.  A pinch of Sookie’s arse and a bit of kiss chase, after the dark side of Eric over the past seasons, seeing him in this playful mode is quite surreal and yet I do not want it to end. 
There is also the relationship that is building between the two characters which is taking a rather tender turn.  After years of hate on Sookie’s part, Eric really needs her help and there is she all the way and is the unthinkable happening and a love blossoming.  The scene where they seemed to about to kiss made me sit up in shock and lets just say that any chance of anything happening was ruined by the arrival of……Bill!  Ah yes, remember him?
True Blood has always been about the love between Bill and Sookie but their paths have taken a different route of late and while I guess many fans want to see them back together, I am really interested to see how this plays out, especially when Eric finally gets his memories back.  Interesting it was nice to see Sookie play on their past love by actually using it to lie to Bill who wanted to search the house for Eric.  The “Have I ever lied to you?” line she said to him will hurt him more than any stake in the heart when he finds out the truth.
Bill himself who does seem to be overshadowed this season so far did have some shocking news regarding his new girlfriend.  The connection between Bill and Bellefleur was a stunning development and quite sick when you put it into context, but I guess that is the plight of living for so long……the past will bite you in the neck when you least expect it!
For the rest of the show well finally Jason has escaped and thank goodness.  The ill judged rape storyline may seem bonkers and I was enjoying it (if those are the right words) but when the young girl and who was also a Virgin appeared, then it took an uncomfortable turn.  Thankfully we did not go down that route and soon Jason was running through the woods while being chased by some panthers…….will Jason eventually turn into one of these creatures?  Well I hope not, simply because I love the fact Jason is so human…..I think that is what is appealing to the character, he seems the only human in Bon Temps, a stranger in the mix of land full of creatures, even though he is a bit sex mad-but I guess not any more after the plight he has been through.
We saw more of Luna in this and with how the relationship with Sam is building.  Really do not know where this going but the hint of a Werewolf stalking her and of course her lovely daughter may tie in Alcide into the storyline, this is just speculation on my part but I hope Alcide gets a more meaty storyline this time around than just running to Sookie’s help all the time.  Also thanks mate, you taking your top off the time makes me feel really inadequate, especially when the wife keeps on looking at him and smiling then turns to me and thinks “How the feck did I end up with you!”
Finally we got more hints of the spooky baby, no idea where this is going but damn the baby can draw with a crayon and also poor old Sam’s brother is back on the lead again with the parents from….well…….I would say the usual word but they are probably normal for that place.
Overall another cracking episode for a show that is the best around, I have no negatives to say apart from the overrun Jason storyline and I really can not wait for next week……..
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