BEING HUMAN SEASON 4: Episode 5 “Hold The Front Page” Review



Selina Griffiths was the sole reason why this week’s episode of Being Human was spoilt for me. Now I am not saying that the woman can not act or that I can not even look at her the problem I have and it was the same when she starred in The Smoking Room is that she just sounds too much like her own mother. Now I know that may sound crazy for many of you and it is a weird negative to put towards another fine episode of this brilliant show but every time I closed my eyes I expected Victor Meldrew to walk in and shout “I Don’t believe it!”, because Seline is the daughter of Annette Crosbie, who played the long-suffering wife of that grumpy bastard in the classic One Foot In the Grave and her voice was just too spooky for me. It sounded exactly the same and then I noticed other things, like her body movement and the way she moved her head, I am telling you if they ever wanted to do a prequel and call it Before The Grave, then she be the perfect choice to replace her mother.

Anyhow apart from me losing my mind, lets concentrate on this weeks show and “Hold The Front Page! is carrying on with last weeks new trend of introducing an unwelcome guest. Last week we had Kirby, this week saw the return of Craig Roberts in the role of Adam, the teenage Vamp last seen in Season three and also in the spin off Becoming Human. yes he is in the words of Annie “a twat!” but he is also funny and vulgar and probably appeals more to the teenage crowd who love this show.

His return caused chaos because our young Vamp is in love with the Annette Crosbie, sorry Selina Griffiths who played headmistress Yvonne and their illicit love affair has made the latest news and every local news reporter is out with their cameras and ready to take a photograph. Of course there is one slight problem!, Adam will not appear on film due to him being a Vampire and so our favourite trio have not only baby Eve to look after but also somehow get rid of this unwanted problem. But there is also an added dilemma to the cause. How can Yvonne see Annie? and why does Tom and Hal start having sexual dreams about her which results in them waking up with feelings of love? Maybe there is more to Yvonne than meets the eye?

Last weeks episode of Being Human was slated by some fans for being just a tad too slow and not really moving the story arc forward involving baby Eve and the end of the world shit so I guess that these same people will get no joy out of this one because it used the same formula and I am beginning to suspect that maybe the storyline with Eve may not be just for one season. There is loads to cram in with only a few episodes to go and instead of seeing how the war begins, a new story is beginning to emerge involving the brilliant character of Cutler who seems hell-bent of telling the world of the existence of Werewolves and poor Tom may be the one who everyone gets to see transform.

But that is a story that will grow and this week was once again about love, of being lonely and the need of friendship which this season of Being Human has been awash with since the start. I was a bit alarmed that no one pressured for a reason in how Yvonne could see our lovely Annie, I mean that sole reason straight away must have suggested that she was not at all human, but the guys seemed to just let in fly over their head. Of course when it was revealed that she was in fact half demon, not only did it all make sense but also for the first time revealed that the universe of Being Human is getting bigger. What next for the show…..witches?

All men who touch and go near Yvonne instantly fall in love with her which explained why Brad Pitt once chased after her and soon the boys in the house were fighting like mad and chaos took hold. In one startling scene that had me stunned is when we finally saw just how dangerous Hal can be, his quick movement and stake in the heart of Tom who laid there died had my eyes popping out of my head, until it was revealed that it was a dream and thank goodness for that. I really did not want to see yet another housemate bite the bullet and besides, Hal and Tom are turning into a great double act which makes me excited to see what the future holds for them.

The story saw a turn around for Adam who finally realised that despite the spell, he really did love or should I say “felt safe” when he was with Yvonne and even though he seemed to turn over a new leaf, I very much doubt that he will stop saying lines ” (“I’ve licked every inch of that real estate”) and if Being Human does continue after this season- because the viewing figures are down- then I guess its not the last we see of him.

Overall the episode was well paced with some good humour with Hal once again showing signs of slipping off the path of good, but for the main story arc nothing really happened to get excited about and while it was not one of the best episodes of Being Human, it was still an enjoyable watch with our new trio coming along very nicely. My main concern is a preview of next week showed yet a new unwelcome guest to the house, maybe it is time for the guys to step out for a bit, I hear Barry does have a nice beach………

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