BEING HUMAN: The Season 4 Finale

BEING HUMAN SEASON 4: The Two Part Season Finale!

And so it ends, after all the worries and lack of excitement over this new season of Being Human, its amazing to think just how quickly the weeks have flown by and after saying ta ta to all the characters we have grown to love in the first episode, it was only fitting that the finale had one last goodbye and with it, the final closure of Being Human as we know it.

I apologise for there being no review last week, lack of time and working on others things meant I decided to write the last two episodes has one, which in a way sort of works because without a real story arc to dominate this season, the final two were more of a one big story to see the fans into the new era that is coming next year. The season in fact has been riddled with the aim of creator Toby Whitehouse to create a new dynasty, its like season four was serving up a kind of prequel and the only loose end left of old was that of Annie, who despite still having loads more potential, became more lost in the twosome of newbie’s Hal and Tom.

Its great that the new boys have become such a favourite for fans everywhere, it helped that we already had a season with Tom, but Hal who had the daunting task of replacing our Mitch was a revelation right from the off. I mean he just walked into this universe and was simply brilliant from the off and I am sure many will agree with me when I say I did not miss the guy who left to star in The Hobbit once!

So where do I start? Well the first part The Bad Moon Arising… had the not so shocking revelation that the girl from the future was in fact baby Eve, a twist that everyone saw coming from the very first episode. Eve met her adopted Mum Annie and told her that her duty was to kill the baby and rid the world of the awful future, Eve faced while she grew. The episode was a bit heavy on the plot filler, with Annie hanging around talking and not really seeing any action. We also know that Annie is too nice to go home and kill a baby, but it was a nice dilemma to get ready for the season finale.

The episode also saw the shocking death of Alex (Kate Bracken) who had her throat ripped out by the excellent and demented Cutler (Andrew Gower). Hats off to all those fans who saw what was happening because I did not see it at all until I read some emails. I honestly thought that Alex was there just to be some kind of temptation for Hal to get his teeth into, but when she appeared as a Ghost and started to help Hal, fans guessed that maybe Alex was there to become the final part of the new trio, especially when the episode offered enough clues that Annie may have to do something grand and reach her “unfinished business”

We also saw the final connection between Hal and Cutler which was brilliantly served up by two timelines, one where Hal was tormenting Cutler and made him drink the blood of his dead wife and then in the now, which saw Hal being tricked in drinking Alex’s. We also seen poor Tom sucked into the grand plan of showing the world that Werewolves exist so in some sort of deranged way it would make humans appreciate that Vampires are not that bad! The end of the episode saw Tom being tricked into transforming in a nightclub and getting released to kill some of the party people while those who had escaped had managed to record the footage on their phone. The final shot saw Hal confronting Tom and a duel seemed to develop.
Being Human to its credit has done the season finale’s brilliantly, no fan could forget the moment where Nina got stabbed or when Mitch got arrested and had his photograph taken, but this epsiode just seen a little bit flat…..maybe it was just building for a breathtaking last hour…
Which made The War Child have good points and bad.
The awesome point was in fact the appearance of Mark Gatiss in the role of Mr Snow, an old Vamp whose in town to hear the plan of Cutler until of course he discovers the War Child is in town. His fleeting appearance was brilliantly served up and its a shame that the ending meant that it may have been the last time we see him in this world. I say “may” because you never know when it comes to show’s like these, but you do feel that it was the only time he graced this show.
The low point was the easy resolution between Hal and Tom in the nightclub. We did not get to see how Hal handled this situation, instead we had the two in broad daylight with Tom thanking him for doing all he can the night before. Its a shame really we did not get to see any sort of confrontation because the duo seemed to be wasted in the finale and the fact that Alex was still hanging around confirmed my thoughts that there were many clever fans out there who guessed the reason why.
Like the entire season, the last episode was engulfed with a feeling of goodbye and this time it was centered around the world of Annie. Could Lenora Crichlow really be leaving the show? Well has the episode progressed you just knew that it was happening, even when Cutler turned up and showed why Vamps can not enter not invited and died after warning Annie about the Old One’s being in town, you just knew we were building up to something here. Special praise must go to Andrew Gower who I won’t forget has Cutler…..awesome performance and a great creation.
It all came down to Annie to save the world and Baby Eve and when she discovered that the Old One’s did not want to kill the baby but see her live and for Annie herself to bring her up, Annie knew the life the poor kid faced and done the unthinkable really and killed the baby along with all the Old Vamp’s by use of a bomb. Thanks to her unselfish act, she finally saw “the door” that led to her finally being able to rest and with a last goodbye to grown up Eve who was waiting on the other side, she finally faced another door which we all knew who was behind it. I would have loved and I mean LOVED to have seen Nina, George and Mitch waiting for her, even if the writers managed to create an effect from old footage that somehow had them all together. I felt the scene would have been more powerful if they were there to greet her and it was a shame that it was no possible to do.
Crichlow served up a final performance that was sad and brilliant at the same time and I am sorry to her go. She was the last of the original Being Human and her departure finally brings closure to the past even though Season Five brings an intriguing premise what with Hal, Tom and Alex maybe facing up to a new bad guy in the form of Mr Rock played by Steven Robertson who seen in this episode who had a warehouse that reminded you of the one in Raiders Of The Last Ark and The X Files….hmmm!!!!!! he fixes things so humans are unaware of the Supernatural…..what could that bring next year?
For a season that was filled with gloom by many fans including myself because of the loss of all the main characters, Being Human 4 should not have worked, the fact it did is due to the credit of creator Toby Whitehouse who has proved that somehow a show can survive without its stars. The most notable reason why it worked was the casting of Damien Molony whose Hal simply blew everyone away and his chemistry with co-star Michael Socha was equal to what Mitch and Tom had.
Its unfair to judge Alex the new ghost after three episodes but the best thing we can say is that this season served more like a prequel to what Season 5 offers. Now that the goodbyes are over its time for a fresh start and Being Human is still the best thing the BBC Three has created, which begs the question, “because its that good, how the heck is it still on that channel…..”….
Before I go, lets just say one more thing……
Goodbye Annie… who the heck is going to make the tea now?
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